This Week in Gaming News: 7/7/12 – 7/13/12

There’s going to be a Meag Man/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover comic.

That is all!




Deadpool video game is in the works

The eccentric, fourth-wall breaking hero Deadpool is getting his very own video game, made by Activision and High Moon Studios (who are responsible for the recent Transformers video games). The game appears to be an action title staring the crazy Deadpool, complete with witty comebacks, inappropriate jokes, and plenty of violence. The game’s teaser site and trailer have most of the details. As a guy that only really knows about Deadpool from his recent movie and MvC3 incarnations, I can’t say much about the accuracy of his portrayal, but I can say the game looks like it could be awesome! (Source: Deadpool Site)

Up and coming console Ouya launches Kickstarter campaign and gets millions in support in one day

The totally hackable, relatively cheap new console Ouya needed the help of gamers worldwide to start development, and they got just that this week. The development team behind the new system, including Julie Urhman, started up a Kickstarter to get the project going, asking for just shy of $1 million by backers. Within one day they had surpassed that goal (by about a million more bucks), and currently sit at $4.7 million as of this article’s release. This is pretty big news since the asking price for getting the project started was absolutely smashed. Hopefully this will give the Ouya developers all the funding they need to make a system worthwhile. I’m not on the Ouya boat yet, but my interest has definitely piqued. (Source: Machinima)

That badass Street Fighter fanmade movie is being made into an official series

In case you’re not familiar with the video, view it here!

Now that you saw the video you understand why this is great news! Capcom announced during Comic Con that the movie would be made into a live action series called Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. It’ll follow series stalwarts Ryu and Ken as they develop into the beloved fighters we know them as today. With the backing of Capcom, and the attachment of director Joey Ansah, it looks like this really could be a great experience! I am starting to get inklings of the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series, and how that was really just meh (but still good). (Source: Kotaku)

A Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog comic crossover is coming!

Dear lord yes!

Already a fan of Mega Man and all his comic adaptations, I kept the video game themed comic reading going by purchasing the first nine volumes of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, also by Archie Comics. So not am I a fan of BOTH of these comic series’, but I’m also a HUGE fan all the source material! The folks over at Kotaku emailed the creator of both series’, as well as the upcoming crossover, Ian Flynn asking him so questions. His responses are a mix of the suspected and the exciting. It’s a ways off from release (2013), but you can sign me up today for reading this one! (Source: Kotaku)


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