This Week in Gaming News: 8/12/12 – 8/19/12

Relatively slow week this week. At least for the news that mattered to me.

But still though, hearing that us Americans will be getting an official, English release of the Legend of Zelda history book is more than enough good news for one week!


Steam’s Big Picture moves the action from the PC to the TV

Steam, the online web service that many gamers use to enjoy countless indie, classic, and new PC titles, has announced they have plans to integrate playing their games on television. The company said they are optimizing their system and games to play on the TV, including an improved interface to support larger television screens, as well as controller support (with keyboards and mice still a perfectly fine option). The project is just in a beta phase, but it’s an exciting glimpse into the possible future of PC gaming! (Source: Steam)

The Legend of Zelda encyclopedia is coming stateside

Hyrule Historia, the Legend of Zelda encyclopedia will be coming to North America in January. The book was released in Japan some time ago, and gained notoriety for being the first time Nintendo (who approved the information in the book as entirely correct) actually stated the true timeline for the Legend of Zelda series. It is being produced in the US by Dark Horse Comics, and will be for sale at the extremely reasonable price of $34.99. Can I pre-order this? Please? (Source: Kotaku)

Team Fortress 2’s Mann vs Machine update is live; adds co-op to TF2

So that cryptic message in last weeks news about another possible game mode in Valve’s awesome team based shooter has come to fruition this week. The Mann vs. Machine update is now live, allowing you to create teams of 5 to play cooperatively ti destroy waves of enemy robots in the TF2 world. Unfortunately I’ve yet to play this update, but I’ll be sure to check it out when I can. It’s essentially Horde Mode from Gears of War 2, but hey, it’s free. I can’t argue with that. (Soruce: TF2 Blog)

Cross Buy lets PS3 and/or Vita owners play new games on both consoles

So Sony is doing something pretty cool for owners of the PS3 and the Vita. If you purchase specifically designed games, such as upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, you can play the game on the PS3 and the Vita. This is great news, because it’s one more step in the direction of true gaming moving with you from the console to where ever you go. Not sure if there are any other confirmed games to utilize this feature, but for now it’s something Sony fans can look forward too. (Source: Game Informer)


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    I want that LoZ Encyclopedia. If it wasn’t for you then I’d never know that it’d be released in English at all. That’s awesome!! Thanks!

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