This Week in Gaming News: 8/18/12 – 8/24/12

Sad news this week: Nintendo Power is going to be no more by 2013. The veteran gaming magazine will publish its last copy this December. Let the tears fall…. now!

But in brighter news, there’s a sequel to Plants vs. Zombies coming, and maybe one to The World Ends With You. Oh, and the new Star Trek game, tied in with J. J. Abrams’ film, looks pretty sweet in a brand new trailer. Set phasers to FUN!


Final Fantasy Dimensions for iOS/Android is coming soon; incredibly expensive

I reported on this game back when I first heard about it during E3, and now the game is coming out August 31st for your mobile device. Well, if you can afford it, that is. The prologue/intro to the game is free to download, acting as a sort of demo, but if you want to experience the full game you’ll need to fork over a whopping $28.99 for it all. That’s nearly $30! Forget that it’s a Final Fantasy title, and take that into consideration: this is a game for the iPhone, which I seldom purchase games for, that is as expensive as a 3DS title. Yeah, I know, this isn’t really news, but it stood out to me this week for being ridiculous. Even if the game is grand, I’m hesitant because of the hefty price tag. Come on Square Enix… come on. (Source: Kotaku)

The World Ends With You iOS bound? And a sequel in the works?

An interesting piece of information slipped past Square Enix this week, possibly spoiling a revelation that the DS RPG would be getting a port to Apple’s iOS. Aside from that being great news in it’s own right, a count-down timer has been ticking all week, ending at midnight this Sunday (Central Time). Could this be the countdown to a new release in the game, or has Square Enix already ruined the surprise for everyone? Personally, I think the countdown will end in a reveal of an entirely new game, and going along with that will be the iOS port for fans and newcomers to get the full experience. Giving credence to that is the inclusion of TWEWY characters in the recent Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Only time will tell. Oh, and please don’t price this game incredibly high. Kthx. (Source: Machinima)

Nintendo Power is ending its 24 year run this December

In what is easily the saddest gaming news piece in recent months, Nintendo has decided to end the printing of its official propaganda magazine Nintendo Power. Yeah, the game was a glorified way for young readers to get excited about all thing Nintendo, but it was an iconic magazine that got many gamers excited about, well, games! I had a subscription to Nintendo Power for years, and have many, MANY fond memories of the magazine: I loved the classified section, giving out codes and cheats for games. I also really liked seeing the top ten games for each Nintendo console each week. Ahh, the memories are all flooding back to me. I’m glad I kept all my old issues. I think some light reading is in order this weekend. (Source: Kotaku)

A new episode of Did You Know Gaming is up

This really doesn’t count as news, and I’ve posted about the site before, but here it is again! Did You Know Gaming is a great new site for gaming trivia buffs like myself. Aside from the site offering up interesting nuggets of gaming goodness, the creator also makes weekly (hopefully!) videos about a specific game or series of games. The latest is on Grand Theft Auto, and is very cool. You should check them out and follow them. I do! (Source: DYK Gaming)

Adam Sessler ‘confident’ the Wii U won’t come out this year. Is he right?

The former G4TV/X-Play personality said this week that Nintendo’s upcoming console wouldn’t make an appearance this year as expected. Though it’s entirely speculation and one man’s judgment, it does raise the question on what exactly Nintendo is planning. Sessler makes a good point, stating the the quality of games coming out around the same time as the Wii U’s expected launch in November are astouding (Borderlands 2, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed III), and Nintendo would be making a mistake launching then. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed an exact date (If I recall correctly), nor have they given a price. Couple that with a general lack of buzz for the system and Sessler might just be on to something… (Source: My Nintendo News)

So the new Star Trek game looks kinda badass

As evidenced by the newest trailer for the game that follows J.J. Abrams’ new imagining of the sci-fi classic, Star Trek could be a great game. It has some of (possibly all?) the cast from the new film franchise, looks damn good, and seems to feature co-op action and shooting. Seeing as I always thought Mass Effect was pretty Star Trek-y, it’ll be interesting to see where this one goes. I don’t know much about the new film, but I think the game (slated for a 2013 release) is an entirely original tale set in the same, revamped universe. Setting phasers to FUN! (Source: YouTube)

Paragon system, mega end-game changes coming to Diablo III

Diablo III players are going to get a huge new incentive to keep playing Blizzard’s action RPG, as if they needed another. Announced on the blog was update patch 1.0.4, introducing the Paragon system. Basically, what Blizzard has done is created 100 extra, yes EXTRA, levels for characters to gain upon reaching the current cap of 60. Once at 60, players will gain paragon points, and once enough of these paragon points are collected, they gain a paragon level, with 100 paragon levels being attainable. Each paragon level adds stats boosts like a regular experience point level would, as well as increase magic item and gold find percentages. Also notable in this upcoming patch is Blizzard’s attempt to steer away from magic find being linked with items, and instead tying it in with character development as a stat. Very interesting, and a very smart move in my opinion. I just might have to get back in that game again. (Source: Blizzard)

At long last, a sequel to Plants vs. Zombies is coming in 2013

A quick announcement by PopCap earlier this week stated what we’d all been hoping for (and if you haven’t been, then you should have been!): Plants vs. Zombies 2 is coming. There wasn’t anything more said besides that, but that should be enough to quell gamers over until the game’s scheduled release date in Spring of 2013. In the meantime, read my review of the DS version of the game! (Source: Kotaku)


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