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Mega Man.

No other series has a spot closer to my heart than this one. I have the fondest of memories playing these games as a child (in fact I’d say Mega Man III was one of my first games I ever played), and these games still rank up there as some of the best I’ve ever played. Everyone has, or rather should, play any of the games in the classic Mega Man series. Yes, they’re that good.

Something I could never keep up with though was the incredible amount of Robot Masters the series has. With ten games in the numbered series, a handful of spin-offs, a portable series, and some games never released in America, there are over 120 Robot Masters for Mega Man to defeat. And those are just the ones in the classic series (so not including those in the X, Zero, ZX, Legends, Battle Network, or Star Force series).

Below I’ve done my best to compile an all-encompassing list of every Robot Master seen in what would be considered the classic series of games. I’ve separated out the games I’ve never heard of and the ones not released in America to lessen confusion. I’ve also listed each Robot Master’s name as well as any game they’ve appeared in. Clicking on the RM’s name links to their Wiki page for more information. If there’s one I’m missing or something I’ve left out let me know in the comments. Without further ado…

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The Robot Masters of the Mega Man series

Air Man - MM2(NES), MM2(GB), MMS(SNES), TPF

Aqua Man - MM8(PS1)

Astro Man - MM8(PS1), M&B(GBA)

Ballade - MMIV(GB), MM10(PS3/XBLA - DLC)

Bass - MM7(SNES), M&B(GBA), B&C(PS1), TPB, TPF

Bit Man - MM3(PC)

Blade Man - MM10(PS3/XBLA)

Blizzard Man - MM6(NES)


Bright Man - MMIV(NES), MMIV(GB), MM(GG)

Bubble Man - MM2(NES), MM1(GB), MMS(SNES), TPF

Burner Man - M&B(GBA)

Burst Man - MM7(SNES)

Centaur Man - MM6(NES), TPF

Charge Man - MM5(NES), MM4(GB)

Chill Man - MM10(PS3/XBLA)

Cloud Man - MM7(SNES), TPB

Clown Man - MM8(PS1)

Cold Man - M&B(GBA)

Commando Man - MM10(PS3/XBLA)

Concrete Man - MM9(PS3/XBLA)

Crash Man - MM2(NES), MM2(GB), TPB

Crystal Man - MM5(NES), MM4(GB)


Dark Man - MM5(NES)

Dive man - MM4(NES), MM3(GB), TPF

Drill Man - MM4(NES), MM3(GB)

Dust Man - MM4(NES), MM3(GB), MMS(SNES), TPB

Dyna Man - MM(PC)

Dynamo Man - M&B(GBA)


Enker - MM1(GB), MM10(PS3/XBLA - DLC), MMS(SNES)

Fire Man - MM1(NES), MM1(GB), MMPU(PSP), MMS(SNES)

Flame Man - MM6(NES)

Flash Man - MM2(NES), MM1(GB), MMS(SNES)

Freeze Man - MM7(SNES), TPB

Frost Man - MM8(PS1)

Galaxy Man - MM9(PS3/XBLA)

Gemini Man - MM3(NES), MM3(GB), MMS(SNES), TPB, TPF

Gravity Man - MM5(NES)

Grenade Man - MM8(PS1)

Ground Man - M&B(GBA)

Guts Man - MM1(NES), MMPU(PSP), B&C(PS1), TPB, TPF

Gyro Man - MM5(NES), TPB, TPF

Hard Man - MM3(NES), MM2(GB)

Heat Man - MM2(NES), MM1(GB), TPB, TPF

Hornet Man - MM9(PS3/XBLA)

Ice Man - MM1(NES), MM1(GB), MMPU(PSP), MMS(SNES), B&C(PS1), TPB

Jewel Man - MM9(PS3/XBLA)

Junk Man - MM7(SNES), TPB

Jupiter - MM5(GB)

King - M&B(GBA)

Knight Man - MM6(NES)

Magic Man - M&B(GBA)

Magma Man - MM9(PS3/XBLA)

Magnet Man - MM3(NES), MM2(GB), TPB

Mars - MM5(GB)

Mercury - MM5(GB)

Metal Man - MM2(NES), MM2(GB)

Napalm Man - MM5(NES), MM4(GB), MM(GG), B&C(PS1), TPB, TPF

Needle Man - MM3(NES), MM2(GB), MMS(SNES)

Neptune - MM5(GB)

Nitro Man - MM10(PS3/XBLA)

Oil Man - MMPU(PSP)

Pharaoh Man - MM4(NES), MM3(GB), MMS(SNES), TPF

Pirate Man - M&B(GBA)

Plant Man - MM6(NES), TPB, TPF

Plug Man - MM9(PS3/XBLA)

Pluto - MM5(GB)

Proto Man - MM3(NES), MM10(PS3/XBLA), MMS(SNES), B&C(PS1), TPB, TPF

Pump Man - MM10(PS3/XBLA)

Punk - MM3(GB), MM10(PS3/XBLA - DLC)

Quick Man - MM2(NES), MM1(GB), B&C(PS1), TPF

Quint - MM2(GB)

Ring Man - MM4(NES), MM4(GB)

Saturn - MM5(GB)

Search Man - MM8(PS1)

Shade Man - MM7(SNES), TPB, TPF

Shadow Man - MM3(NES), MM3(GB), B&C(PS1), TPF

Shark Man - MM(PC)

Sheep Man - MM10(PS3/XBLA)

Skull Man - MM4(NES), MM3(GB), MMS(SNES)

Slash Man - MM7(SNES), TPB, TPF

Snake Man - MM3(NES), MM3(GB), MMS(SNES)

Solar Man - MM10(PS3/XBLA)

Sonic Man - MM(PC)

Spark Man - MM3(NES), MM3(GB)

Splash Woman - MM9(PS3/XBLA)

Spring Man - MM7(SNES), B&C(PS1)

Star Man - MM5(NES), MM(GG)

Stone Man - MM5(NES), MM4(GB), MM(GG), TPF

Strike Man - MM10(PS3/XBLA)

Sunstar - MM5(GB)

Sword Man - MM8(PS1)

Tengu Man - MM8(PS1), M&B(GBA)

Terra - MM5(GB)

Time Man - MMPU(PSP)

Toad Man - MM4(NES), MM4(GB), MM(GG), MMS(SNES)

Tomahawk Man - MM6(NES)

Top Man - MM3(NES), MM2(GB), MMS(SNES)

Tornado Man - MM9(PS3/XBLA)

Treble - MM7(SNES), M&B(GBA)

Turbo Man - MM7(SNES), TPB

Uranus - MM5(GB)

Venus - MM5(GB)

Volt Man - MM(PC)

Wave Man - MM5(NES), MM(GG)

Wind Man - MM6(NES)

Wood Man - MM2(NES), MM2(GB), MMS(SNES), TPB

Yamato Man - MM6(NES)

Robot Masters from other Mega Man games, TV shows,
and comics, some not released in the USA

Buster Rod G - MM:TWW(Gen)

Mega Water S - MM:TWW(Gen)

Hyper Storm H - MM:TWW(Gen)

Dangan Man - R&F:MKC(WS) Japan Only

Konro Man - R&F:MKC(WS) Japan Only

Aircon Man - R&F:MKC(WS) Japan Only

Komuso Man - R&F:MKC(WS) Japan Only

Clock Men - R&F:MKC(WS) Japan Only

Compass Man - R&F:MKC(WS) Japan Only

Wave Man - MM3(PC)

Oil Man - MM3(PC)

Blade Man - MM3(PC)

Rockman Shadow - R&F:MKC(WS) Japan Only

Aries - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Taurus - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Gemini - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Cancer - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Leo - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Virgo - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Libra - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Scorpio - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Sagittarius - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Capricorn - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Aquarius - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Pisces - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Luna - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only

Apollo - Rockman Strategy(PC) Taiwan Only
 There are eight special Robot Masters that only appear in the comic Mega Man Megamix. These were created by fans for the comic specifically. These include:  Surprise Man
Shake Man
Giga Auto
Massage Man
TV Man
Watermelon Man
Submarine Man
Sexy Man
 Garbage Man was made and only featured in the late 80’s television show Captain N: The Game Master.

Barrage Man - Comics Only

Express Man - Comics Only

Multi Man - Comics Only

Wondering about the Mega Man games referenced above? Learn more here:
Mega Man, Mega Man II, Mega Man III, Mega Man IV,
Mega Man V, Mega Man VI, Mega Man VII,
Mega Man VIII, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10
Mega Man (GB), Mega Man II (GB), Mega Man III (GB),
Mega Man IV (GB), Mega Man V (GB), Mega Man & Bass,
Mega Man Soccer, Mega Man Battle & Chase, The Wily Wars,
Mega Man Powered Up, Mega Man (GG), Mega Man (PC),
Mega Man III (PC), Mega Man: The Power Battle,
Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Rockman & Forte

MM1, MM2, MM3, etc. = Mega Man 1, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, etc.
M&B = Mega Man & Bass
MMPU = Mega Man Powered Up
MMS = Mega Man Soccer
B&C = Mega Man Battle & Chase
TPB = Mega Man: The Power Battle
TPF = Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters
MM:TWW = Mega Man: The Wily Wars
M&F:MKC = Mega Man & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha
NES = Nintendo Entertainment System
SNES = Super Nintendo Entertainment System
PS1 = PlayStation 1
PS3/XBLA = PlayStation 3, Xbox Live Arcade
GB = Game Boy
GBA = Game Boy Advance
PSP = PlayStation Portable
GG = Game Gear
PC = Computer
Gen = Genesis
WS = Wonder Swan
DLC = Downloadable Content

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**BIG thanks goes out to the Mega Man Homepage and the Mega Man Knowledge Database for the huge amounts of information they have on their sites. Pictures are original Capcom work and found mostly at Mega Man Knowledge Database. These sites are the go-to place for all things Mega Man**



I've been writing about video games for years and playing them even longer. You'll find me playing all types of games, old and new. Mega Man III is greater than Mega Man II.

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