Animal Crossing: New Leaf Candies!

Animal Crossing Candy 1

After a handful of failed attempts, I was finally able to procure a bag of the Japanese Animal Crossing: New Leaf candies! If you’re like me and you were trying to find anything about these candies online and turned up zilch, then let me entertain you with plenty of delicious pics!

Animal Crossing Candy Bag 2

Each bag is adorned by a handful of familiar Animal Crossing: New Leaf characters like Isabelle, Rover, and Tom Nook. If you’re lucky and recognize a few of the villagers on the cover you might enjoy it more. Being a Japanese candy everything is naturally written in Japanese, so unless you can read Japanese (I can!) you probably won’t be able to tell what anything is saying.

Animal Crossing Candy 2

Inside each bag you’ll find an assortment of individually wrapped hard candies. The flavors are apple, peach, pear, and cherry: all types of fruits you can grow in the game! After tasting a few of the actual candies I can safely say I won’t be buying another bag for the taste. But I will likely buy more for the collectible cards/stickers!

Animal Crossing Candy Stickers

Each bag also comes with a sticker/card sheet. There are villagers and objects included on the card. I for one am happy to have received the to-go coffee cup and the Nook brothers! Each card is numbered making collecting easy!

Animal Crossing Candy Able Sisters

The candies have a different character on every wrapper, but admittedly a lot of duplicates were included in each bag. Seeing as I didn’t get any candies wrappers with any of my villagers on them (Not even Cyrano!) I’ll likely be buying a few more packs until I can unwrap a friendly face. Some candies were wrapped in gold wrapper. I’m not sure if these are more rare than the vanilla wrappers, but perhaps they are. Hmm, actual Rare Candy. Isn’t that from another game…

Animal Crossing Candy KK Slider

I don’t really have anything more riveting than that. I was just incredibly happy to have been able to track down a package of these treats for myself and I wanted to share that with you all!

Well, this Animal Crossing fanboy rant has gone on long enough.

Animal Crossing Candy 3



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