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Borderlands 3 Feels Like a Return to Form For the Series

The third-but-really-fourth (and kind of really fifth?) game in the Borderlands franchise released back in September. Following the release of The Pre-Sequel and Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands, this newest game feels like the truest sequel the franchise has seen since Borderlands 2. With that being said, if you haven’t played those other games I mentioned, as well as the original two games, you might want to do that before hopping in to this one.

Borderlands 3 takes place after the events of all previous games. If you’re following along with the overarching story, which is actually kind of entertaining, you’ll find returning characters like Lilith and Claptrap, possibly familiar faces like Vaughn and Rhys, and some new faces, like new antagonists the Calypso Twins. Ever since the first game, and definitely after the introduction of Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2, I’ve always felt the series had personality with its cast of characters. Thankfully, partway through Borderlands 3, it would seem that tradition has continued.

You can’t talk Borderlands without talking guns. Here as well, Borderlands 3 delivers. Right out of the starting area I picked up some wacky guns. A rocket launcher that seemingly shot hamburgers. A sniper rifle that also functioned as a shotgun. Even an early-level legendary that amplified melee damage to an absurd degree. Like the original games, and the Diablo series before it, a lot of fun is had in Borderlands 3 finding, trying, and experimenting with which guns work best for you.

I’ve written a few times about my time with the Borderlands series, but I never actually talked about my dislike of The Pre-Sequel. I played the third game in the franchise on the PS4 as part of The Handsome Collection, and was not a fan. Right out of the gate the game felt like it had no personality, instead relying heavily on fan liking of Handsome Jack. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great character, but changing the mood of his character and personality didn’t quite add up. Contrast that with the adventure game Tales from the Borderlands and how they introduced new characters (Who actually play a role in Borderlands 3), as well as how the gave new, meaningful dimensions to Jack, and you had another solid entry in the franchise. Fast forward 5 years and we’re at Borderlands 3, which is thankfully bringing the franchise back to it’s roots.

My biggest complaint with the game is readily apparent if you have played the game split-screen co-op with a friend. The game lags terribly. The previous games struggled somewhat on older consoles, but I don’t remember them being this absurd. Text size is also kind of ridiculous when playing split-screen. I legitimately have to move closer to the screen just to see what what stuff does. Single player, no problem, but co-op is a struggle. I am hoping this can be patched, but if not, it’ll be a mar on an otherwise excellent multiplayer game.

Look forward to more Borderlands 3 talk in the future. I’m greatly enjoying the game, playing a solo character and co-op character with Laura. We’re only now getting to our third world, so the adventure is just beginning!

What are you initial thoughts on Borderlands 3? Have you had any crazy guns pop up in your game? What about some fun easter eggs? Let me know, and let’s keep enjoying the game!



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