Top Ten Dream E3 2022 Predictions

Another year, another not-E3. Let's still make some predictions though, shall we?

Roguelikes Are My New Favorite Genre, but This One is Just OK

As long as developers keep making games with procedurally generated dungeons and marginal permanent stat increases, I'm going to play them

The Sequel to Overwatch is Genshin Impact (or How I Learned to Move on and Play Something New)

Paimon thinks you should try another summon before moving on to something else...

My New Mobile Gaming Addiction is an Idle RPG

"Whoooa, Jawhead! You should take a bath" is one of my new favorite game quotes

The Games We Never Really Stop Playing, and Why We Never Stop Playing Them

When a game is good, you keep wanting to play it. Sometimes even decades later.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus on the Switch is Unique, but Misses the Point

You're happiness is really important to me, you know? So maybe play this on PC?

There Are So Many Card RPGs Coming Out I Can’t Decide Which to Play First

There is a very good chance by the time you read this I have already caved...

Champions of Norrath, or When the Luster of Old Games Fades

It's a bit unfair to judge a PS2 game by a PS4 game's rubric, but that's pretty much what I'm about to do.

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– Jason J

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