A beginner's RPG for a non-beginner RPG player!

It wasn't the game I was expecting it to be, but it was a fun one nonetheless

Everything has to start somewhere, and for me the adoration of Role Playing Games started here

The RPGaymer Podcast is back, and this time we're talking about the biggest bads of all time!

I'd really hate to be living in Los Angeles if our future turns out like this video game

I love my Saturn, but I'd also like a simpler way to play some of these games. Please.

Remember when Square dropped one of the greatest shoot'em ups ever and then never released it again or did any follow-ups?

A co-op shoot fest with late 80s appeal and nostalgia? I'd buy that for a dollar

A great light gun game. A not-so-great non-light gun game.

Side scrolling action and RPG elements are a dime a dozen today, but it was something unique in the 90s. If only it were handled better we might still see this series today.

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– Jason J

Original blue and red Nintendo Switch controllers

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