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Gaming News: 10/13/12

Darkstalkers is coming back. Even if it is in a re-release, at least it’s something for fans to hold on to!

Also this week, there were ups and downs for Borderlands 2 players, including an early release of some DLC, a bug that erased some players game data, and then an announcement for even newer DLC next week!

And if you frequented SlickGaming this past week and enjoyed my Pokemon posts, then you’ll be entertained by a unique parody game by PETA concerning the ethical treatment of Pokemon animals.

First batch of Borderlands 2 DLC is coming next week; features pirates

Gearbox isn’t surprising anyone by releasing DLC for Borderalands 2, but I am personally surprised that the first round of DLC is coming next week, just 21 days after the game’s initial release. Entitled “Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty”, the add-on content will have a distinctive pirate theme as well as take place in an entirely new zone. Hopefully it’ll add some more, unique guns and armors to the mix as well. Add this on with the release this week of the Mecromancer class being released early, and Borderlands 2 fans have a lot to still be exicted about for the month! (Source: IGN)

PETA has created a Pokemon ad that grotesquely misrepresents the franchise

Animal rights group PETA have outdone themselves. With the recent release of Pokemon Black and White Version 2 (read my review here!) PETA decided to leech off the popularity of the series by creating a “game” where you play as Pokemon that have been beaten and tortured by their trainers. Associating Pokemon as slaves, the “game” tries to paint a picture in PETA’s favor, but any gamer and right-minded animal activist can see it’s just a ridiculous attempt to get people worked up about animal rights. Making matters worse, it’s clear PETA has no idea what Pokemon Black/White is even about, saying that in their version of the game Pokemon have decided to side with Team Plasma. For those of you not up to date on Pokemon, Team Plasma is trying to liberate Pokemon from trainers, but this is just a facade for their actual goal: exploiting Pokemon and taking over the world. Oh PETA! (Source: Machinima)

Angry Birds: Star Wars is actually happening, and it’ll be here soon

As reported last week, Rovio is indeed teaming up with George Lucas and crew to make a Star Wars themed Angry Birds title. Scant details have been released about the game itself, but there has been many reports about marketing and branding of the new game. Hasbro is working on tie-in products, like toys and games due out this holiday season. While I’m not a big Angry Birds fan, I must say I’m intrigued by this venture. I’m hoping they incorporate force powers and lightsabers into the game, which I really can’t see them NOT including. Time will tell if the force is strong with this one. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. (Source: Tumblr)

Sony is suing Kevin Butler, their spokesperson and commercial superstar

Here’s the story: Kevin Butler, the fictitious spokesman and VP of many things at Sony, appeared in a Bridgestone tire ad where he was playing Mario Kart Wii. Since Jerry Lambert, the actor who portrays Butler, is branded by Sony, the Japanese company was upset by this advertisement. Now Sony is suing Lambert/Butler as well as Bridgestone for “creating confusion.” Come on, Sony! I understand your anger at this circumstance, but suing the best thing about your American advertising in the past three years? Bad move. Hopefully everyone gets out of this fiasco quickly and unscathed. (Source: Kotaku)

Darkstalkers is getting re-released on PSN and Xbox Live next year

Perhaps the only notable series that hasn’t gotten attention from Capcom in the past ten years, it was announced this week that Darkstalkers would live again next year in the form of Darkstalkers: Resurrection. A bundle of the second and third games in the series (Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge, and Darkstalkers 3), the package will be $15 and release early 2013. The games will follow in the footsteps of Marvel vs. Capcom Origins and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition before it and feature reworked HD graphics, online gameplay, and other goodies not seen in the original releases. I’m very excited about this, because as far as fighting games go, Darkstalkers is sorely overlooked and in desperate need of a reboot. (Source: GameSpot)



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