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Gaming News: 11/10/12

Get your wallets reader everyone, Black Friday is almost upon us. And with that not only comes leftover turkey and delicious desserts for the upcoming weekend, but also great deals on video games! Many big retailers have released their advertisements for the shopping event, so you’d better start planning where you’re going, what you’re going to get, and how you’re going to deal with all those other people waiting in front of you in line! My suggestion? Don’t make a scene.

Also this week, two bits of information concerning everyone’s favorite Disney-owned series Star Wars, as well as an alert to collector’s looking for games that are soon-to-be-hard-to-find.

Silicon Knights ordered to destroy inventory of unsold games; Collector’s alert

Long story short, development house Silicon Knights sued Epic Games some time back concerning the use of Unreal Engine, Epic won the suit, and Silicon Knights paid Epic a lot of money. It was also found out today that in the settlement given to Silicon Knights there was a statement that they must destroy any unsold games they used that used the Unreal Engine, including games Too Human and X-Men: Destiny. While this is sad, seeing a company lose lots of money, it also should be a sign to any collectors out there that these games are now, or at least will be, collectible. Whenever a game has a juicy backstory like this, and all games that aren’t sold have to be destroyed you can bet the value of the game will rise. (Source: Kotaku)

Star Wars: The Old Republic goes Free To Play this month; Angry Birds: Star Wars released

A two-for-one deal this week for all Star Wars fans! The MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, long hurting to make money, will officially be free-to-play starting November 15th. Paying customers will of course be compensated for their generous continued support, but this gives gamers not looking for as long a commitment as a monthly fee a chance to play the online RPG. And if you have even less of a commitment to games, Angry Birds: Star Wars was released this past week. Apparently it’s pretty good…? (Source: Game Informer)

Diablo III will be getting an expansion… someday

To the surprise of no one, Blizzard announced this week that PC RPG click-fest Diablo III would be getting a full-fledged expansion in the future. Seeing as Blizzard usually releases expansions for their games, this shouldn’t come as news, but should serve more as a reminder that Diablo III actually came out and it’s not too bad a game. Key to the upcoming expansion, said Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime, are gameplay and quality of expansion” Also of note, Blizzard stated that D3 has sold some 10 million copies. Not trying to brag or anything, but that’s a hell of a lot of games, Blizzard! (Source: IGN)

Black Friday ads have begun circulating; game deals galore

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without some good ol’ shopping! Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the busiest single day for shoppers, is right around the corner, and big businesses like Wal-Mart and Best Buy have already released their ads for the event. In terms of games, there are some great deals to look into if you want to fight the crowd. Of note are Assassin’s Creed III for $35 at Best Buy, Skylanders: Giants starter kit for $40 at Wal-Mart, and plenty more. GameStop has yet to reveal their deals, but you can assume there will be some steals there as well. Happy shopping! (Source: Kotaku)

The South Park RPG by Obsidian has been delayed

THQ reports that the game, called South Park: The Stick of Truth, has been delayed into the fiscal year of 2014. All is not lost though, as the “fiscal year of 2014” apparently means anytime after March, 2013. Since the game was initially dated for March 2013, pushing it back a month (but likely more) isn’t too bad if it means the game will be better, which is what the developers cite as the reason for the delay. Whatever you need to do, Obsidian, to make this game as awesome as it sounds, just go right ahead and do it. I believe in you! (Source: Machinima)



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