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Gaming News: 12/1/12

Wii Mini ConsoleThe sales are over, Cyber week is wrapping up, and we can get back to the standard Gaming News formula. And by that I mean news about games that are coming out, updates to games, and important snippets you should know about. Not just those silly sales like an Xbox 36o with three games for $250. No one would care to buy that. Oh wait.. apparently hundreds of thousands of people did.


A new Humble Bundle featuring THQ games was bestowed upon us. Including big name games like Darksiders and Saints Row: The Third, the bundle strays away from the indie roots of the Humble Bundle, but has garnered impressive sales for THQ, which is in the middle of deep financial woes.

Yoshis Land Wii U listingAn image from a hacked Wii U console seems to suggest an upcoming Nintendo title starring the green dinosaur Yoshi. Entitled Yoshi’s Land Wii U, the game is purely rumor but should nonetheless get gamers excited for a new Mario-styled game for the system.


Nintendo confirmed the upcoming revamped Wii system called the Wii Mini. Though currently only scheduled for sale in Canada, the system will be a smaller version of the company’s super successful and now last generation Wii, with no GameCube support and no online outlet.

First-person shooter Bioshock Infinite will no longer be supporting any form of multiplayer mode. Series creator Ken Levine stated on Twitter that the upcoming title would featuring “no multi”, which comes off of Bioshock 2’s inclusion of multiplayer deathmatches.

Paper Mario Sticker Star CoverMario creator Shigeru Miyamoto apparently told the Paper Mario: Sticker Star team that their 3DS exclusive RPG didn’t need to have a story so long as it featured plenty of Mario characters. Interestingly, the choice to not focus on story was decided after a Club Nintendo poll in which less than 1% of gamers reported enjoying the story for the last game in the series, the Wii’s Super Paper Mario.


Nintendo Power Final IssueThe final issue of Nintendo Power releases next week and it has one of the greatest/saddest covers of any gaming magazine. Rest in Peace, Nintendo Power. You will be missed.




Stay calm, PSY fans. The Korean singers video for the song “Gangam Style” is now the most viewed video on YouTube, and it’s also the newest DLC made available for Harmonix’s Dance Central 3.

Sony Hybrid Controller MockSony puslished a patent for a new controller that appears to combine the standard Dualshock 3 gamepad with the PS Move controller. On top of that, the new controller can apparently be split in two, so you hold one half in each hand. No word from Sony on this one, and no information on whether it is coming for the PS3, PS4, or something entirely new (if anything at all).



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