Gaming News: 12/29/12

PS2 ConsoleHappy Holidays to all!

Welcome to the very last Gaming News of the year! After missing last week due to a power outage and general lameness with the internet, we’re back this week ready to deliver everything you need want to know about video games.

This week there’s a ton of games on sale, an inside scoop on an upcoming project from Disney, and even some information about good old Blizzard and Diablo III.

Steam Square LogoWe’re right in the middle of Steam’s Holiday Sale, where hundreds of games have been discounted heavily through Valve’s downloadable game service. If you want to spend that holiday cash that’s burning a hole in your pocket, head over there and download something! Also, there’s still time to download the Humble Indie Bundle 7!



Disney Infinity, the Skylanders-esque video game featuring the best Disney has to offer, was leaked to a degree last week, revealing that the game will be an open-world sandbox game. Polygon’s Brian Crecente has the story along with a lot of details about the game (including gameplay, characters, and more). The official word from Disney about the game will come mid-January.

THQ LogoTHQ filed for bankruptcy this past week. A buyer has come forth and will give the game development company the assets and money it needs to finish its games in progress. THQ’s president Jason Rubin explains the entire situation very nicely via the company’s website.


Scam artists suck and ruin Christmas. Fortunately, there are still good people in the world 🙂

PS2 ConsoleSony has finally stopped production of the PlayStation 2 console in Japan, meaning the PS2 era is officially coming to an end. After it’s launch in 2000, the PS2 has sold over 150 million consoles. That’s the best selling game console ever, just edging out the Nintendo DS (which is still in production however).



Blizzard announced that the anticipated Team Deathmatch mode for action hack-and-slash game Diablo III has been put on hold. The state of the mode now was not to Blizzard’s liking, so they are going to rework the mode, balance the classes, add more in-depth strategies and objectives, and release the mode through a patch when it’s damn well ready.


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– Jason J

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