Review: Pokemon Black/White Version 2

It’s taken 14 years for Nintendo to release a legitimate sequel to the popular Pokemon franchise, but the wait is finally over as Pokemon Black and White Versions 2 are upon us. Rather than release the now standard special edition of the current generation of Pokemon (i.e. Pokemon Platinum  being released after Diamond and Pearl), Black 2 and White 2 act as both remake and successor to 2009’s Pokemon Black and White. Catching Pokemon is as fun as ever, but the series is really starting to show its age.

I wasn’t as impressed with this game near as much as its predecessor. Black/White Version 2 are unique in that they are the only direct sequels to a Pokemon game, but because of that they feel the least fresh of any game in the series. I can only recommend these version for two people: those of you that haven’t played Pokemon Black or White, and those of you that are PokeManiacs. Everyone else can just steer clear.

Near the beginning of the game, overlooking that vast reaches of Unova, and all the Pokemon your heart desires

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