Sunday Roundup: 11/4/12

3DS games galore this week in the Sunday Roundup! I actually got all three of these games on Monday, yet I’ve only had time to play one of them (Two guesses which one!). Still though, expect to see full reviews of each game in the coming weeks.
Also note that this is a strong outing for 3DS games in general. The system finally has a strong library forming behind it, giving the vanilla DS a very well deserved successor. These games are all great, and if you’re on the fence on switching to the 3DS, I think the time is right and it’s only going to be getting better.

Skylanders: Giants
Release Date: October 21st, 2012
Purchased at: Amazon (Online – $65)

I think this was an inevitable purchase, seeing as I already bought the original Skylanders on 3DS a few months back, and I thought Giants on the 360 was a stellar game overall. Seeing as you need the 3DS-specific Portal of Power to play these games, I figured I’d just bite the bullet and grab the sequel on the 3DS as well. Unfortunately I picked up some repeat Skylanders in the process, but I can dish them off to friends/family I’m sure. I’m actually pretty excited to play this one, because it’s a markedly different game than the console versions.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
Release Date: October 28th, 2012
Purchased at: GameStop (Michigan City, IN – $40)

Did you guess which game I already started playing? Yeah, it’s this one. Miracle Mask is the first game in the series on the 3DS, and as thus it has changed a few things. The characters have shifted to 3D models, instead of their flat hand-drawn cartoon appearance in past titles. While I initially thought this a bad choice, it’s well done and Layton and friends look as endearing as they did in 2D. Also note, they have retained the 2D style for cutscenes, and the fantastic voice acting is back. The puzzles have remained fun and challenging, with some taking advantage of the more powerful system and offering up 3D versions of mazes and games. So far the game is living up to its name, but I’ll have a full review in a week.

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
Release Date: October 23rd, 2012
Purchased at: Amazon (Online – $40)

The sequel to cult RPG hit 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors for the DS, Zero Escape is a puzzle/RPG hybrid brought to us by none other than Aksys Games. I have yet to play this one, but I’m very turned on by the idea of a puzzle/RPG game, and the mature setting seems to be the right tone for the game’s serious look. I’ll have a review… soon… maybe in a few weeks. But expect it to be epic!



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