Sunday Roundup: 1/29/12

Another visit to Lafayette and another trip into Disc Replay. What that all boils down to is me finding new excuses to throw my money away. Personally it’s always a small victory every time I get to buy a new old game: I feel like I’m doing the game a personal favor by freeing it from the confines of the store rack. Also, there were some great deals at Best Buy this week: Lots of new game for just about every console were on clearance. And to make things better, I felt even more victorious this week since I wasn’t able to get any new titles the previous week! Huzzah!

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
PlayStation 3
Release Date: July 27th, 2010

Here’s the first deal from Best Buy this week: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift for just 7 bucks! You really can’t go wrong there, I mean, the game is a solid 2D fighter and it’s brand spanking new. If you’ve never heard of the series before, perhaps you’ve heard of the Guilty Gear series of fighters; This game is sort of like a spiritual successor to that. Continuum Shift comes as the sequel to the first in the series, Calamity Trigger.

Bubsy 3D
Release Date: October 31st, 1996

Is there really anything else I need to say about him? He’s perhaps the most forced-down-your-throat game star I can think of. And you know what, this game is supposed to be one of his worst titles. And, some consider it to be among the worst games ever made. That should tell you something about the quality of the title. I remember Bubsy on the Genesis and thinking that game wasn’t so bad, but he was always super annoying and not nearly as cool as Sonic or even Mario.

Capcom Classics Collection vol. 2
PlayStation 2
Release Date: November 14th, 2006

Here’s a game that I’m very excited about getting. This is the second compilation of, well, classic Capcom games. The first volume is a fantastic package of everything that made Capcom famous (Street Fighter II, Ghost ‘n Goblins, Final Fight). This second one shows us some of their greater games that haven’t become as well known, such as Captain Commando (Who’s in the first Marvel Vs. Capcom), Knights of the Round, Strider, and the original Street Fighter. Classics is the right word to use here, and I’m psyched to get my hands on this one.

Dynasty Warriors
Release Date: June 30th, 1997

Did you know that this, the original Dynasty Warriors, is a traditional fighting game? Yeah, it’s true. Don’t get the gameplay confused with the typical style of the rest of the series (i.e. hack and slash nonsense). This game was only a couple of dollars at Disc Replay, and it’s a good one to have in my opinion. Any game that is the first in the series deserves some respect. And it’s a fighting game, so I like it even more!

Mario Tennis
Game Boy Color
Release Date: January 16th, 2001

If you haven’t played the Mario Tennis series of games then you’ve honestly been missing out. Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 is probably the best arcade style tennis video game out there, maybe only rivaled by Sega’s Tennis 2K2 or Mario Power Tennis for the Cube. In this handheld version, though, there’s a unique RPG mode that takes you from the rank of rookie all the way up the the champion player at your tennis academy. Tennis is one of my favorite sports; RPGs are one of my favorite genres; putting them together is a sure fire hit for me!

R-Type Final
PlayStation 2
Release Date: February 2nd, 2004

I’ve never really been that much into the R-Type series but I’ve been known to enjoy the spare sidescrolling shooter here or there. Strangely (or maybe good for me), I found this game at one store for $10, then found it a few days later at a different store for only $3. I guess it just goes to show you that you should always shop around before buying a game.

Rhythm Heaven
Nintendo DS
Release Date: April 5th, 2009

Aside from being a crazy game packed with fun, music-centric minigames, Rhythm Heaven is also unique for being played holding the DS system vertically. This is the second game I picked up in Best Buy’s clearance bin, and it was only $9 brand new. You can’t go wrong there, as this is considered to be one of the best games on the system. I’m still playing Harvest Moon 3D on my 3DS, but I’m itching to pop this one in right now. We’ll see which side wins out…

Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram
Release Date: June 1st, 2000

Lastly we have a game that I’ve been looking to own for many, many years: Virtual On for the Sega Dreamcast. The game is a highly tactical Mech-based RPG that in all actuality doesn’t seem all that fun to me, but it’s apparently pretty damn popular in Japan. Virtual On is a harder game to find for the system, so I was very happy seeing it sitting on the shelf for just $10. This puts me one step closer to owning every game for the system. Unfortunately the only games that are left are the stupidly expensive and hard to find titles. The search continues!


DownStab has been a personal endeavor of mine for many years. Please enjoy the content and let me know if you have questions, comments, or just want to connect. And as always, game on.

– Jason J

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