Sunday Roundup: 2/23/14

New Games (2-23-14)Man, it has been awhile since I had a true Sunday Roundup to talk about! Just one game is fine and all, but let’s face it: Just one game isn’t going to cut it for expanding upon one’s collection now is it? Speaking of collections, this week is comprised mostly of Dreamcast games, a system I am always on the lookout for but never seem to come across. So here’s to you Space Cat, and to more fruitful visits!


Centipede (Dreamcast) DiscCentipede
Release Date:
May, 2001
Purchased at: Space Cat (San Jose, CA – $2)

This copy of Centipede is missing the front cover/instruction booklet and is pretty banged up with a few light scratches on the back, but I figured at just $2 it was worth it. I’m sad that the cover isn’t there. Not just because it’s incomplete without it, but the cover itself looks kind of cool (in a silly way).

Ecco The Dolphin Defender of the Future CoverEcco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future
Release Date: September 10th, 2000
Purchased at: Space Cat (San Jose, CA – $7)

I have never been particularly fond of the Ecco the Dolphin series. It started way back in the early 90’s on the Sega Genesis, and the game had you controlling the titular dolphin as he… I don’t know, explored around the ocean, jumped over stuff, shot (killed?) things with sonar, all the while ambient water music was playing? It just wasn’t for me. Regardless of my affiliation, Ecco went on to be a bigger property for Sega, and eventually a Dreamcast game came in as the last entry in the series. Hmm, maybe it’s time I give this sea mammal another shot.

Frogger 2 (Dreamcast) CoverFrogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge
Release Date: September 30th, 2000
Purchased at: Space Cat (San Jose, CA – $5)

Frogger 2 is a game I already had, kind of like Centipede, on the PS1. And, kind of like Centipede, it will probably remain a game that I will never, ever play. Especially after the nonsense that was the first Frogger remake on the PlayStation. Ugh…

Star Wars Rebel Strike Preview Disc CoverStar Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Preview Disc
Release Date: 2003
Purchased at: Space Cat (San Jose, CA – $2)

Whenever they slap that big “Not for Resale” graphic on the front of a box, it just makes me want to buy the game more. In the case of the Rebel Strike preview disc we have here, I would have happily paid more than $2 for it for one reason: A complete version of the classic 1980’s Atari Star Wars game is included! I’m hesitant to file this in my collection as “Atari Star Wars” for the GameCube, because that’s all I’m going to be using it for.

Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing CoverSuzuki Alstare Extreme Racing
Release Date: November 16th, 1999
Purchased at: Space Cat (San Jose, CA – $2)

A game that I simply needed to round out the collection. It’s a motorcycle racing game. But seeing as it’s a racing game featuring motorcycles and not Road Rash, I will not be playing it.

Worms Armageddon CoverWorms: Armageddon
Release Date: November 30th, 1999
Purchased at: Space Cat (San Jose, CA – $8)

Looking at the haul from Space Cat, I’m not sure which I’d call the biggest winner. On one hand, Ecco the Dolphin is a classic character, and having him/it in the collection looks really nice. On the other hand the Rebel Strike preview disc is a collector’s item through and through. And then on the proverbial other other hand there’s Worm: Armageddon, which is arguably the best game of the bunch. I’ll just call it off and say the whole trip was a resounding success. You got luck, Centipede and Frogger!



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