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Sunday Roundup: 3/25/12

Just one new game this week, courtesy of Steam’s indie game assortment. I’ve actually already started to like the game, too!



Release Date: March 22nd, 2012

Yesterday caught my eye on Steam because of the picture on the left. The man amongst the mannequins begged so many questions, and the cel-shaded art style itself was also intriguing. After I caved and bought the game, I was happy to find that it’s a point-and-click game reminiscent of Sam & Max and The Secret of Monkey Island. The story revolves around John Yesterday, the man pictured, and his amnesia. He was apparently working to uncover the mysteries surrounding an ancient cult, the killing of hobos, and a two-faced business exec. I am really enjoying the game so far, and am rather impressed with the game’s production values. Though it’s indie, the game looks and sounds great! Expect a full review shortly!



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