Gaming News: 9/22/12 – 9/28/12

It was a relatively quiet week gaming news. So quiet in fact that I declare Pokemon/alpaca crossovers as news!

But on a more serious note, my mind was totally blown when I discovered you’re actually not supposed to play into an NES cartridge.




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Gaming News Snippets: 9/15/12 – 9/21/12

I’m away on vacation this week, so I am in a bit of a bind for time in writing this week’s Gaming News feature. So as I have done in the past when time was against me, I will be giving headlines and snippets of gaming news this week instead of more fully fleshed out stories. So let us begin!



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Gaming News Special: Everything Wii U

As you may have already known, Nintendo finally gave us the important Wii U news we’ve wanted for some time: a release date and a price. Being the respectable and lovable company they are, they also gave us a lot more WIi U news to whet our appetites even more, including brand new game announcements, new Wii U features, and information on upcoming games and release windows. So strap it in and enjoy this special Gaming News edition focusing entirely on the first console of the eighth generation of video games.