Top Ten Dream E3 2020 Predictions

Well this is kind of awkward.

I guess you could say I missed the ball with the Dream E3 Predictions post, since E3 is already over. Or it hasn’t really started yet because the conferences are just getting underway? Or maybe it’s all pointless since there really wasn’t an E3 this year?

Well, regardless, let’s look at what definitely would have been announced at this years E3, had the conference occurred.

10. Bandai Namco Reveals Plans to Create “Bandai-Namco Land”

Not to be outdone by Nintendo in the theme park business, Bandai Namco announces its plans to create their own brand-themed amusement park attractions. Rides themed after Soul Calibur, dining areas straight out of Pac-Pan Land, and even folks dressed up like classic Bandai Characters Dig Dug, Mappy, and that killer masked guy from Splatterhouse. Hmm… could be kind of cool.

9. GameStop Outlines Plans to Allow Digital Trade-Ins for Downloaded Games

Fearing the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will come with an even bigger incentive to ditch the disc and go digital, gaming store GameStop has a new plan to entice gamers to trade in their old games for new ones. If you’ve downloaded a copy of a game on your console and you’re done with that game, you can trade your entire console in to GameStop, and for a marginal fee they’ll sell you back a totally used console without the game included. You’ll end up paying them to get this game taken away, and given a slightly worse console in exchange. The entire plan makes sense to the GameStop executives’ eyes, though.

8. Sony’s PlayStation 5 Will Have a Cartridge Slot, No Disc Reader

Perhaps the most out-of-nowhere announcement at E3 2020 was Sony saying they were indeed getting rid of the disc reader for their upcoming ninth generation console. What really makes this strange is Sony opting to include a cartridge reader on the new console. Much like the old Super NES console, PS5 games will come on physical, plastic cartridges that can store a whopping 512 Terabytes of data each. Expected price of a single PS5 game is between $100-$150 a piece, which is a drop in the bucket for the total $5,999 US dollars for the system itself. Oh yeah, that too…

7. Nintendo Announces Their Purchase of Sega Like its No Big Deal

Dropped casually during the pre-recorded Nintendo Direct E3 broadcast from the man himself, Shigeru Miyamoto, was Nintendo’s acquisition of once-competitor Sega. The Big N reached deep into their pockets to finally end the “Console Wars” of the early 90s in the best way possible: assimilation. Nintendo has full ownership of all of Sega’s properties and IPs, including their subsidaries like Atlus. This announcement came with the reveal of an upcoming Nintendo Switch compilation featuring each of the companies biggest titles in the 90s in one collection, like Sonic 2 and Sonic Spinball paired with Super Mario Bros 3. and Yoshi’s Cookie, oddly enough. I’m so hyped!

6. Soul Calibur vs. Samurai Shodown is the Game No One Knew They Wanted

Looking at this announcement after the fact, it’s kind of strange it took this long. Both series’ are well-known and highly respected. Both have strong, weapon based combat. And perhaps best of all, both games are in a kind of renaissance of sorts. So it only makes sense we’re going to see Haohmaru battle Mitsurugi on our televisions soon. The reveal trailer also hinted at some non-Soul and Samurai characters popping up too!

5. Nintendo Finally Updates the Switch’s Abysmal Online Storefront

The Nintendo eShop has a lot going for it: great downloadable games… well wait, actually that’s it. Since the launch of the Switch the system’s online store was in need of a major renovation. Thankfully with the Switch’s next system update we’re going to be treated to a proper online storefront. Engaging front pages, easily navigable menus, and a bevy of ways to tweak and filter your categories. Also included in this update is an charming “3D Store” you can enter to shop. Rather than just look at charts and lists of games, you can use your Mii to roam around a Nintendo-themed gaming store to see what’s on sale, who’s playing what, and you might even run in to some familiar faces along the way! All done in Nintendo’s undeniable charm and family friendliness.

4. A Sequel to SNES and Genesis Classic Cool-Spot is Coming. Freakin’ Cool-Spot!

If you’ve ever had the soda 7-up, looked at the logo with the little red dot and thought to yourself, “Man, I bet that little dot gets up to some crazy shenanigans,” then do I have the announcement for you! A sequel to 1993 platformer Cool-Spot is coming to consoles at the end of summer 2020. Featuring similar gameplay to the SNES/Genesis original, you’ll control the too-cool-for-you Spot as he tries to free his captured friends. The original game had absolutely no reason being as good as it was, and expectations for this game are accordingly high. Is this the second coming of the uncola?

3. The Year of Compilations, Apparently

It’s no surprise game companies love re-releasing or porting a game to a new console. It’s a fast and easy way to make some money. But oftentimes these ports or compilations are for relatively easy to find, or readily available games, like Konami’s Contra or Capcom’s Mega Man series. But at this years show we got not only Nintendo’s huge announcement of a Fire Emblem compilation coming to the Switch, but also Sony showing of a Tales of compilation (including ports of the hard to find PS1 games Tales of Destiny I & II), and Sega’s The Shining Collection bringing together every entry in the oft-overlooked Shining series of RPGs. If you’ve never played these games (like me), then you’re about to be bombarded with dozens of quality, classic titles to occupy your time!

2. Rare Announces a Direct Sequel to Nintendo 64 Classic Perfect Dark, Launching Exclusively for the Xbox Series X

In what is easily the single most upsetting announcement of the show, Microsoft showcased their new Xbox Series X during it’s press conference. Among other games announced, the big highlight for me was the reveal of new launch game, simply titled Perfect Dark. Taking place a few years after the events of one of my favorite games of all time (let along on the Nintendo 64), the new game brings back series protagonist Joanna Dark as she does battle and espionage against evil corporations and even more aliens. While I am more than thrilled to see Perfect Dark get the sequel it so dearly deserves, I wasn’t planning on buying an Xbox Series X, and now I just might have too. Thanks, Rare!

1. Capcom Reveals Plans to Showcase Power Stone 3 to Fans at This Year’s EVO Tournament

*Credit to Skratch Jams Deviant Art for artwork

During a gameplay session with the newest updates/characters added to Street Fighter V on the show floor, Capcom reps casually let slip that a long time fan favorite fighting series, Power Stone, would be shown off at this year’s EVO fighting championship. It appears Capcom has been working on the game for some time now, and it is just about ready for release. More details are coming at the tournament, but suffice it to say the game should absolutely rock!

I’m not sure where this puts us now: is the show over now that I’ve spoiled everything that is going to happen? Did the show even happen at all since Nintendo and everyone else saw this post and decided, “Well, we don’t need to have a show now.” I’ll let you decicded.

What games or announcements are you looking forward too, either this year or next?


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– Jason J

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