Top Ten Series that Need amiibo

Super Mario series amiibo

Something I’ve touched on surprisingly only a small bit are Nintendo’s NFC amiibo figures. To put into perspective how I feel about amiibo, let’s just say I have had friends shop around for me to get the more expensive ones back when amiibo were the hottest toys this side of Furby and Tickle Me Elmo. Out of all the toys-to-life options out there, I feel like Nintendo’s offerings are the coolest, if only because I (like many others) grew up with a lot of these characters. Also, while I love me some Skylanders, I think amiibo have a wider function in games, making them more of an investment than essentially an extra life or character in Skylanders and Disney Infinity. That being said, and in typical Nintendo fashion, there are more than a handful of series’ deserving of the amiibo treatment that haven’t seen the light of day. Though most of these will never happen, we can dream, and I can wish for some of these games to come out sooner rather than later!

10. Punch-Out!! series

Punch Out Banner

With a Little Mac amiibo already released thanks to Super Smash Bros. it would follow that Nintendo could release a new set of Punch-Out!! amiibo to coincide with a new release in the boxing series. Each amiibo figure would represent series favorite combatants like Glass Joe, Bald Bull, and Super Macho Man. Using each toy could put you in a sparring match which would not only increase Little Mac’s skills (this new version of Punch-Out!! has some RPG elements), but also increases the difficulty and level of the amiibo fighter. Much like the SSB amiibos each time you use them they get stronger and stronger! They wouldn’t be necessary to play the game, but instead add new fighters and possibly moves to give Little Mac better odds in each bout!

9. Donkey Kong series

Donkey Kong Banner

Much like the Splatoon amiibo, the Donkey Kong series would unlock in-game challenges and bonus content. Scanning in a Dixie Kong amiibo, for example, would grant access to a series of sub-missions exclusively designed for Dixie to tackle. The same would go for Doneky Kong, Diddy, Funky, and even the old man himself Cranky Kong! Completing the series of missions for each Kong unlocks in-game abilities, like being able to start with any Kong you’d like, or even pulling in a usually non-playable character like Funky Kong into the core game! Nintendo could even spin this further and have each Kong’s amiibo challenges be themed, like DKs focusing on defeating enemies, and Cranky’s on more thought provoking puzzles!

8. Metroid series

Metroid Zero Mission Art

With the Metroid amiibo, Nintendo should try something completely different. Instead of just having the amiibo act as extra content for the game that isn’t necessary to play, enjoy, or beat the storyline, the Metroid amiibo would be required to win! The new console (yes, console) game would come bundled with three amiibo: a standard Samus amiibo, a Varia suit Samus, and a smaller Energy Tank amiibo. During gameplay players would have to tap which suit they’d want to use (with other suits not necessary to win, but available to enjoy the experience further), much like the different elements of each Skylander. The smaller E-Tank amiibo would give Samus an extra set of health in case things got tight in a particular space fight. Smaller amiibo would cost less and can give Samus extra firepower, like power bombs, ice shots, and more! The items can be otherwise unlocked in the main game, but players wanting extra firepower early can grab a box at the store and watch their mini Metroid diorama on their mantel expand!


7. Star Fox series

Star Fox Zero Banner

Star Fox Zero comes out this week, and what better way to surprise and delight their loyal fanbase than by announcing a surprise line of Star Fox amiibo! These amiibo would allow you to fully swap out one of your Star Fox crew members for someone new entirely. Got a nifty Wolf amiibo? He can (reluctantly) join your team for as long as you see fit! Same thing goes for series NPCs like Katt and Bill, and even the traitor himself Pigma! Wouldn’t it be badass to see these guys get amiibo? They would have their own script fully voiced in the game, and provide a radically different approach to each level!

6. The Legend of Zelda series

Legend of Zelda Wii U Art

Coming in as complete fan service would be the Legend of Zelda amiibo line. Each figure would be represented by a familiar character from the entire Zelda timeline: 8-bit Link from the original game, Tingle from Majora’s Mask, and even General Onox from Oracle of Seasons! They would work with the upcoming Zelda on Wii U, and they would give Link access to an exclusive dungeon modeled after the game in which they are from. So the Ruto amiibo would allow you to play through the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time in the new Zelda game with all it’s gameplay elements and updates! For an added touch of nostalgia, the bonus stages would come complete with game-specific sound effects, and a nice little rupee and heart container bonus upon completion! Yeah, I’d buy all of those!

5. Pokemon series

Pokemon anime Froakie and Pikachu

With a good amount of amiibo already out, the Pokemon series seems like the biggest missed cash grab for Nintendo. They could easily release an amiibo of each of the 750+ Pokemon out there, and allow you to scan them into your game and add them to your Pokedex and team. You can scan them back out to take with you to a friends place if you want, or you can trade the physical amiibo toy instead of they digital version. This idea could be expanded upon by including blind packs of certain Pokemon like Legendary Pokemon, to make sure there aren’t too many players getting their hands on those powerful pocket monsters too early in the game (though gym leader badge restrictions would still be present). You can’t tell me people wouldn’t go crazy over a Wobbuffet or Bidoof or Squirtle amiibo!

4. F-Zero series

F-Zero GX Banner

What better way to bring back the long-dormant F-Zero racing series than with some amiibo? Captain Falcon is already out there thanks to Smash, so all we need now are some other racers to round out the collection. Much like the aforementioned Star Fox and Punch-Out!! amiibo, the F-Zero amiibo would allow you to bring in those racers to compete against, leveling them up along the way and giving you a bigger challenge. In a nice nod to the Mario Kart series, scanning in non-F-Zero amiibo will unlock costumes for your characters to wear based on the scanned amiibo! I don’t think the series necessarily needs amiibo to do well, but anything to make the game more appealing is definitely welcome!

3. Professor Layton series

Professor Layton Banner

If Level-5 would get their act together and remember that fans love the Professor Layton series and that there are plenty of existing characters to base a spinoff series on, then we might see some Professor Layton amiibo! Working similarly to the Splatoon and dreamed up Donkey Kong amiibo series, these toys would be modeled after our favorite puzzle solving English gentleman and his pals! Each figure would give you access to dozens of new, exclusive brain teasers and puzzles to sink your teeth (and time) into! The extra picarats earned could go towards unlocking some exciting bonus content in the game, making the amiibo a fun, valuable, and profitable investment! Also, I just want a Professor Layton and Luke toy on my desk! Future Luke, Descole, and Granny Riddleton would be sweet, too.

2. Paper Mario series

Paper Mario Art

Similar in style and design to the Mr. Game & Watch amiibo, the Paper Mario amiibo series would feature all of the main Mario characters, but stylized after the visuals of the games. Taking even more inspiration from the Mr. Game & Watch amiibo, the Paper Mario amiibo itself comes with multiple forms of Paper Mario, like a standard form, and folded shuriken form, and a flattened version which can be switched out to affect how Paper Mario moves and operates in the game! Nintendo could also take this opportunity to release the Koopalings as amiibo as well, because I really like the Koopalings and I want to see them represented more!

1. Animal Crossing series

Animal Crossing New Leaf Banner

No. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival doesn’t count. Sure, they offer up a good dozen actual amiibo to use, as well as literally hundreds of amiibo cards to play around with, but neither amiibo Festival or Happy Homes Designer is a quality use of the potential for Animal Crossing amiibos. Just think about it: each villager would have its own toy, and on each toy they would save items, letters, bells, and all kinds of other goodies that you can load in and out of your game. You could make sure you have the amiibo of your favorite villager to make sure they never leave your town (unless you want them too!), and you could have normally non-villager characters like Isabelle take up residence in your town! You could play games with them like you can do on the Island in New Leaf, and even carry over and expand upon some of the games seen in amiibo Festival! There are already so many loyal and dedicated AC fans out there, and unlike Pokemon or really any other series on this list, Animal Crossing would actually benefit from this incorporation!

Those are my Nintendo series’ that I think should have amiibo support. Which games are you hoping to see Nintendo release amiibo for? Maybe there are some non-Nintendo games that you’d like to see? For me, I’d be down for some Mega Man amiibo any day! Let me know!

And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see some of these toys pop up on store shelves!



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