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Worth Playing vol. 9: The Wii One

Muramasa the Demon Blade ArtThe Wii is officially a generation past and with the bizarre exception of Rodea: They Sky Soldier releasing as a Wii title paced in with the Wii U version, there aren’t going to be anymore games created for Nintendo’s money-making, motion controlled system. The system has sold over 100 MILLION units worldwide, making it one of the best selling video game consoles of all time (and Nintendo’s best selling non-handheld console to date). With that many units on the market it can be easy to skip over a few gems while playing arguably some of the best games out there like Super Mario Galaxy and Resident Evil 4. I’ve compiled a list of ten awesome Wii games that are worth tracking down, even as we’re approaching the little-console-that-could’s 9th birthday! And while the Wii U is chugging along strongly, these games can also be played on that console as well, giving even more incentive to find and play them!

Little King’s Story

Little Kings Story Art

Game: Little King’s Story
Genre: Strategy, RPG
System: Wii, PS Vita
Price: ~$20

One of the biggest surprises of my recent Wii playing memory, Little King’s Story might initially turn you off thanks to the cute art style and storybook like presentation. You’d be missing out on a truly spectacular tactical/strategy RPG if you passed however, as the game features some of the simplest but engaging mechanics the genre has seen. Playing the game gave me vibes of Pikmin and Overlord mixed with a children’s fantasy storybook. As you command the King and recruit more subjects and invade bordering kingdoms to claim as your own, you’ll unlock new classes to utilize, new objectives to overcome, and multiple Princesses to claim as your own (yes, you can have multiple princesses who all seem to get along rather well given the circumstances). With awesomely epic and varied boss fights, Little King’s Story is sure to please any Wii owner looking for a grand, yet approachable, adventure!

Why you should play it:
– Easy for beginners to learn and deep enough for veterans to enjoy
– Amazingly cute art style that for some reason was dropped for a more realistic look on the PS Vita
– Dozens of hours of gameplay that is challenging and fun

Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Muramasa the Demon Blade Art 2

Game: Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Genre: RPG
System: Wii, PS Vita
Price: ~$15

Another RPG originally for the Wii that for some reason got converted over to the Vita, Muramasa is very similar in presentation to Vanillaware’s other games like Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown (and whether you like that or not is a personal preference). It’s the art style that really drew me in for this one, as truly luscious backgrounds and amazingly fluid animations seem to push the Wii’s capabilities to its limits. The game itself has you literally running around a lot, and only occasionally bashing bad guys with a variety of swords, but you won’t mind at all since each new area is a feast for your eyes. Zones are capped with a massive boss battle, with some foes towering above you so high you have to attack them in the clouds. It’s a visually stunning game with wonderfully thought out boss fights and is not quite like anything else on the system.

Why you should play it:
– If you’re a fan of Vanillaware’s previous games you’ll find a lot to love here
– RPG fans looking for something unique on the Wii
– If you like hand drawn sprites and visually impressive games over great gameplay

The Munchables

Munchables Art 1

Game: The Munchables
Genre: Action
System: Wii
Price: ~$10

Another big surprise for me was The Munchables, a Katamari-like game where you are a creature who must eat everything in sight! A dull yet passable story links your events together, but the only thing you need to know is this: An evil onion named Don Onion has created mutated vegetables and fruits that are threatening to take over the galaxy and you, as the titular Munchable, must devour them all to save your planet! Characters often speak in, or are themselves, puns, and the overall sense of humor is appreciated. The gameplay, which supports two player co-op, has you eating smaller enemies to get bigger in order to eat bigger enemies, to get bigger in order to eat the BIGGEST enemies. Rinse and repeat, throw in some fun unlockables and you’ve got a gem waiting to please! You can check out my review of the game by clicking here!

Why you should play it: 
– If it’s co-op fun you’re after, look no further!
– If you wanted to fight enemies like a Bruce Lee-inspired giant piece of broccoli
– Oh yeah, there’s poop jokes all over this game!

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Batman the Brave and the Bold Art 1

Game: Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Genre: Beat ’em Up
System: Wii
Price: ~$12

Featuring artwork and storylines from the animated series of the same name, Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Video Game is a co-op beat ’em up with a lot of Batman charm. As the caped crusader or one of several super powered sidekicks you thwart all kinds of bad guys’ plans. It is lighthearted and fun, but still very fun for a fan of the genre. I had a lot of fun seeing who would show up next, both good guy and bad, and with so many cameos and unlockable characters it can be kind of addictive seeing them all.

Why you should play it: 
– Fun, simple gameplay to enjoy with a younger audience
– A bevy of DC comics’ finest show up to help out the Dark Knight
– Presumably if you like the show you’ll like the game (I haven’t seen the cartoon…)

Wii Party

Wii Party 1

Game: Wii Party
Genre: Party, Minigame
System: Wii
Price: ~$20

There are dozens upon dozens of party game compilations on the Wii, but only a few are made by Nintendo. While heavy hitters like Mario Party will ultimately take center stage, don’t pass by Wii Party! This game was developed by Nd Cube, the same developers that created Mario Party 9, Mario Party 10, and this game’s sequel, Wii Party U, on the Wii U. From a gameplay perspective this isn’t the greatest party game out there, but if you have a group of friends and want something to mindlessly hold you over, this is a great choice! Some games are better than others, but you’ll likely have a good time with this nonetheless.

Why you should play it: 
– It’s a first party Nintendo game created by the same team that made the later Mario Party games
– Incorporates the Miis on your system in funny ways
– Play this one so you can get pumped up for the remarkably better sequel!

Tornado Outbreak

Tornado Outbreak Art 1

Game: Tornado Outbreak
Genre: Action
System: Wii, PS3, Xbox 360
Price: ~$5

Coming in as one of the cheapest games on this list, Tornado Outbreak is a fun, fully fleshed out game that will have you hooked on the destruction after the first stage. Playing as a young Wind Warrior who can whip up a tornado to suck up foes, you quickly find out there’s danger lurking on the planet and in the solar system, and its up to you to stop it! Gameplay borrows heavily from the Katamari series (again!), but Tornado Outbreak still feels fresh thanks to creative stage designs, various gameplay methods, and a fun and intriguing storyline. The art style helps as well, rounding out this game as a complete package any Wii owner should play! Watch my review of the game by clicking here!

Why you should play it:
– Destroying an entire city is more fun than it should be
– Boss battles and varied gameplay keeps things feeling fresh at all times
– It’s still very cheap (if you can find it)

Guilty Party

Guilty Party Art 1

Game: Disney’s Guilty Party
Genre: Point-and-Click
System: Wii
Price: ~$10

The awesome theme song that accompanies this title sums everything up quite nicely: “You’ve got to find the guilty party, before the guilty party finds you!” This four-player point-and-click mystery game has you taking on the role of an entire family of detectives trying to figure out who captured the head of houses wife! Dastardly plots unravel as more clues are unearthed, and you must use your noggin and reflexes to earn clues from suspects before interrogating them and bringing them to justice! Essentially a collection of minigames masked in a detective novel, Guilty Party is a unique multiplayer experience that players of all ages will surely enjoy! Track this one down and you won’t be disappointed. Read my review of the game by clicking here!

Why you should play it: 
– A four-player game unlike any other on the Wii
– Genuinely funny and entertaining minigames
– The voice acting is wonderful: it really sells this game!

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure

Zack and Wiki Banner

Game: Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure
Genre: Point-and-Click, Puzzle
System: Wii
Price: ~$12

My recent exploits with this game kind of turned me off from it for awhile (I was getting tired of constantly having to start over after I failed time and time again), but that doesn’t make Zack & Wiki one of the Wii’s better games. When it released way back near the launch of the console it got a lot of hype for being a great game, but after that initial rush it fell from the wagon. If you’re into games kind of like Monkey Island or Sam & Max, or really just point-and-click puzzle games in general, then Capcom has you covered here. The bright and colorful setting and memorable characters help keep this game from feeling stale even if you have to play each stage countless times to win. It just makes it that much more rewarding when you do!

Why you should play it: 
– Challenging stages lead to rewarding goals
– A lot of interesting characters and a clever storyline
– Great use of Wii’s motion controls early into the system’s life

A Boy and his Blob

A Boy and his Blob Art 1

Game: A Boy and his Blob
Genre: Adventure
System: Wii
Price: ~$15

A remake/sequel to the NES game of the same name, WayForward did a great job capturing what made that original game so fun while bringing the adventure to a whole new audience. Bypassing the Wii’s motion controls altogether (which several games on this list have done as well), you journey through dozens of stages transforming your blob buddy into a multitude of useful objects, like ladders, parachutes, and trampolines! The lighthearted story is paired perfectly with the adorable artwork. Worth your time in every respect, A Boy and His Blob is a gem in any Wii owners library.

Why you should play it: 
– Simple yet fun puzzle gameplay
– Watching your Blob transform into all kinds of stuff to solve puzzles is rewarding
– Simple, cute art styel

Lost in Shadow

Lost in Shadow Gameplay 1

Game: Lost in Shadow
Genre: Action, Adventure
System: Wii
Price: ~$15

Lost in Shadow released around the same time as another adventure game all about shadows: LIMBO. With all the praise given to that game, it’s no wonder this title exclusive to the Wii was overshadowed (I’m sorry, I had too). Lost in Shadow uses lighting as the main mechanic, creating or removing shadows which you use as platforms or obstacles to cross en route to your stage end goal. It’s kind of like an adventure game but if you were always playing as Peter Pan’s mischievous shadow. Other games have gone on to be successful by incorporating very similar ideas as seen here, but this was one of the earlier examples of a “perspective” based puzzle game. If you can find it, it’s worth your time and money to add to your collection.

Why you should play it:
– Highly unique gameplay
– An artsy game with lots of visual style
– If you liked LIMBO you might like this one too

There you have it, ten quality Wii games that probably flew under most people’s radar. With hundreds of titles to choose from, some games are undoubtedly going to be better than others. Thankfully for most, a lot of these games are relatively cheap and you can still find them out and about to this day. I recommend experimenting and taking a chance if you see a game that looks fun: that’s what I did with a lot of these and I am so happy I did! For every awesome Mario or Zelda out there, you can find an equally great third party or under appreciated gem. Here’s ten to get you started.



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