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How About These Lesser Known Games for a PlayStation Classic?

Sony announced the final lineup of titles for the forthcoming PlayStation classic retro console, and it was… unexpected? Many gamers will see the list (which you can see here) and find a few games they liked playing yesteryear, but will […]


Boss Rush: Spider-Man Trivia

On our newest episode of Boss Rush, Laura joins in on our discussions about all things Spider-Man! Also, Jason tries Stardew Valley for the first time, Jett finished Mega Man 11, and Laura’s a pro at Nintendo’s newest mobile game!


Boss Rush: The Video Game Hall of Fame

On this episode of Boss Rush, we talk about the greatest games ever made. Or, rather, the ones inducted in the official video game hall of fame. Also, I keep playing crappy Street Fighter games, and Jett still hates Journey!


Boss Rush: Metacritic User Scores Are Weird

Last week’s Boss Rush was amazing, as always. But it made me realize something: I do not know how metacritic users come up with their scores. Find out how much I suck at guessing game review scores below! Oh and […]


Boss Rush: The Game Show Game Show

Didn’t catch the latest episode of Boss Rush? View it all here!


Starting a Collection for a New System

It’s been a loooong while since I’ve talked about video game collecting. That’s a real shame considering game collecting is largely what I do in the greater world of video gaming, and in large one of the main reasons I […]


Boss Rush: The Two New Xboxes and More!

Jett, Mat, Jon, and I are back with a brand new episode of Boss Rush. If you weren’t able to tune in to the live broadcast, check out the entire show below!


The Surprising Mediocrity of M&M’s Beach Party

As is the nature of many game collectors, we tend to get quite a few games in our libraries that don’t really have any saving graces to be there. Occasionally I’ll get a game I took a chance on that […]


Top Ten Dream E3 2018 Predictions

Another year and another E3 is almost upon us. As is tradition with this blog and many other outlets, it comes time for us to predict what we will see at the upcoming show. I know I always stretch really […]