I've been training my whole life for this next adventure...

Why did I pass on this PS1 RPG for so many years?!

Someone somewhere thought Qbert wasn't hard enough, but then cranked up the difficulty to 11 and the video game market crashed...

It's Tekken 3's oft-forgotten step sibling that doesn't get out all that much

Leveling up in video games is one of the main reasons I enjoy playing video games. *Also, I'm not actually on this episode, but support the team, you know?

Slaying monsters by hitting them timidly with a dagger, then immediately backing off so they can't hit back has never been more fun!

Hot Take: games were simpler in concept 30 years ago, and were just as fun as games nowadays.

The very last Muppets game before the take over from Disney just might be the best Muppets game I've played. It might also be the only Muppets game I've played, but still

Nostalgia can be great for games you've played before. But for a first time playthrough some 20 years later... not always the case

This isn't even the first, nor is it the last, video game starring action film icon Jackie Chan. But is it the best of his games?

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– Jason J

Original blue and red Nintendo Switch controllers

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