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California Extreme 2014

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Last year I was content to leave all of the California Extreme related posts to my Tumblr, which focuses entirely on video arcades and memorabilia. Coincidentally you should check that out if you want to know more about arcade games! This year however, I’m going to grace you all with the retro-filled weekend that was California Extreme 2014. Plenty of great games were played, a lot of machines I otherwise wouldn’t have played in my life were dabbled with, and some games were completely beaten thanks to the wonderful Free Play setting. (more…)


Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 1

I’ve always considered myself a fan of Mega Man. Ever since I was a kid I remember playing the Blue Bomber’s games on the NES and thinking they were the epitome of what a great game should be. While my tastes in games has undoubtedly changed since then my love for Mega Man has never waned. So you can imagine my exuberance upon seeing the Mega Man manga sitting on the shelf of Barnes & Noble (along with it’s two subsequent volumes). Though I himmed and hawed, I ended up caving in on my love of all things Mega Man and bought the entire series. Not being the biggest fan of manga (surprising, considering I have a Japanese degree) I was a bit hesitant to the content of this one, but I was extremely happy with Hitoshi Ariga’s art, story, and overall awesomeness conveyed in the pages of the series’ first volume. Let me explain further, so you’ll want to go out and get your own copy!


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