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What Will the Future of Pokemon Go Look Like?

Pokemon Go is nothing short of a phenomenon. It has broken download records for iTunes, caused countless news stations to cover it during primetime hours, and even has folks *gasp* getting up and moving around to play it! If you’re […]


Top Ten Series that Need amiibo

Something I’ve touched on surprisingly only a small bit are Nintendo’s NFC amiibo figures. To put into perspective how I feel about amiibo, let’s just say I have had friends shop around for me to get the more expensive ones […]


Sunday Roundup: 3/20/16

Pokken Tournament Wii U Release Date: March 18th, 2016 Purchased at: Amazon (Online – $50) The only pickup this week is the mashup we never thought would happen: Pokken Tournament. I was able to spend a bit of time with it […]


Pokemon Picross Adds a New Twist, But Isn’t the Picross Game I Was Looking For

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite games are, I have a really hard time answering since I really do enjoy a lot. Instead, I come back with my favorite types of games to play, which include (in no particular […]


Pokemon Rumble World Could (and Should) Have Been So Much More

The latest game in the renowned Pokemon franchise, a free-to-play action game called Pokemon Rumble World, has been out for around two weeks now and I’ve spent a good deal of time finding, battling, and collecting Pokemon toys. At its best the […]


Sunday Roundup: 1/25/15

A massive haul from several Goodwill’s around the area helped to make this first official Sunday Roundup of 2015 a big one. There isn’t anything extraordinary in the haul this week, but there are some fun titles and some titles […]


Sunday Roundup: 8/24/14

The House of the Dead 2 & 3 ReturnWiiRelease Date: March 11th, 2008Purchased at: GameStop (Cupertino, CA – $14) When I was growing up, there was an original House of the Dead arcade machine at my local bowling alley. I […]


Sunday Roundup: 6/22/14

There’s a local place that sells used video games that I’ve mentioned before on the blog. The store owner picked up shop and moved to a bigger (better?) location, but still within reasonable driving distance to our place. I ventured […]


The Recurring Bosscast: 037: It Was the Blurst of Times

Is it safe to say “Twitch Plays Pokemon” a phenomenon? I think that’s safe to say, right? Well anyway, the Bosscast weighs in on the topic this week. And after the 10 minutes or so of that, we kind of […]


Why Pokemon X and Y are the Best Pokemon Games in Years

You can’t escape it. Pokemon is everywhere. The recent release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on the Nintendo 3DS has stirred up all kinds of talks amongst series fans, gaming outlets, and everyone that owns a 3DS. I’ve heard people […]