The Most Expensive Games in the Collection (According to PriceCharting)

Game collecting is my hobby. This is no secret. With this blog and my gaming social media accounts, I’ve found joy in talking about all kinds of games. However, there is one thing I have been adamant about not doing with this blog:

Showing off the collection.

I’ve never seen the value is game collectors or YouTubers or bloggers or whatevers doing this. It only serves the purpose of showing how much money you’ve spent on the hobby, or how lucky you may have been. It doesn’t progress the hobby forward. Rather, it kind of stagnates it in a wading pool of it’s own glories.

Alas, one of the most common questions I get when discussing game collecting with others are “How many games do you have?” and “What is your most expensive game?”. I wanted to actually take a look at the latter question in this post.

I jumped over to PriceCharting to see the going prices of some of the more rare games in my collection. While I don’t think I have any truly noteworthy games in my collection, there has to be one game that is more pricey than the others. Though PriceCharting isn’t always the most accurate source, I’ve decided to use it today to take a look at the most expensive game I have in each of my console collections.

I must admit it was kind of fun to look through the hundreds of games in each console’s library to see what are the hardest to find. Or the most expensive. Excluding console bundles, controller bundles, and limited/special editions which are only valuable due to intentional limited release, these are the games I have in the collection that are showing as the most expensive through PriceCharting. For reference, I’ll also include the single most expensive standard game for the console as well.

In no particular order, let’s take a look!

PlayStation (PS1)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – $186 complete
I was able to purchase this along with a long list of excellent PS1 games from a friend selling off his collection.

PriceCharting’s most expensive game: Syphon Filter III: 911 Edition – $655
(Otherwise, the most expensive normal game is actually Jojo’s!)

PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Blood Will Tell – $207 complete
Purchased this one super cheap several years back. There were actually quite a few PS2 games high on the list for PriceCharting that I regret not buying earlier, such as Kuon and Haunting Grounds.

PriceCharting’s most expensive game: Rule of Rose – $314

PlayStation 3 (PS3)

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise – $35
Nothing special here. I received this game to review for Inside Gaming Daily (RIP). I haven’t really collected much for the PS3, if you couldn’t tell.

PriceCharting’s most expensive game: NBA Elite ’11 – $885

PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Duck Game – $36 complete
Picked up this game sealed with a trio of others from someone in the Bay Area. They were sealed but all had a hole punched through their UPC, which I found typically means they were given away for free for some reason. Also, the PS4 is a current system, so truly finding value in games is difficult. Couple that with the near endless special editions, limited release games and there are hundreds of titles more valuable than this.

PriceCharting’s most expensive game: Poop Slinger – $818

Nintendo GameCube

Gotcha Force – $282 complete
When GameStop still sold PS2 and GameCube games, they would have some crazy sales to get through inventory. I picked up the majority of my GameCube collection then, including this mediocre game.

PriceCharting’s most expensive game: Pokemon Box – $715

Nintendo Wii

Gunblade NY & LA Machine Guns: Arcade Hits Pack – $47 complete
Picked up from GameStop for a couple bucks. In the waning years of a console’s shelf life, used game stores might have majorly reduced prices on games. This is the case here. I didn’t buy the game knowing it would increase in value, but rather because it was a good deal at the time and I actually wanted to play these games.

PriceCharting’s most expensive game: Dokapon Kingdom – $124

Nintendo Wii U

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD – $40 complete
The Wii U never had a chance. The best games fully utilized the Wii U’s Gamepad, like Nintendoland. Unfortunately these games were few and far between. For collector’s this console’s library is rather small and quite affordable.

PriceCharting’s most expensive game: Devil’s Third – $153

Nintendo DS

Pokemon HeartGold Version (with PokeWalker) – $157 complete
I don’t think I knew this game released without the PokeWalker. But I suppose you could always buy it without the special pedometer toy separately. This was a college game that Laura and I enjoyed early on in our relationship!

PriceCharting’s most expensive game: Shepherd’s Crossing 2 – 297

Nintendo 3DS

Corpse Party – $65 complete
Moving to California meant leaving behind a lot of the game stores I grew to love in high school and college. Sadly there aren’t any impressive used game stores in my area. So for a time I was resorting to Amazon and eBay to purchase a lot of games. This is how Corpse Party made its way into the collection. I still haven’t even opened this yet…

PriceCharting’s most expensive game: Barbie: Groom and Glam Pups – $700

Xbox 360

Fable Anniversary – $27 complete
Well, I certainly didn’t expect this to be my most expensive game on the 360. During it’s era I definitely collected more for the 360 than the PS3. Still though, finding a standard edition game that is worth any sort of significant amount of cash is very difficult. So don’t bother, just have fun playing these excellent video games.

PriceCharting’s most expensive game: NCAA Basketball ’10 – $88

Sega Dreamcast

Cannon Spike – $171 complete
Oh man, this pickup is still fresh on my mind, so many months later! I have a goal of collecting every NTSC Dreamcast game. I had conceded to the fact I wouldn’t ever find some of the Dreamcast’s biggest titles. And then this lot came up on Craigslist and I was back in to it! Definitely a game collecting highlight, and one of the most fun finds and pickups I’ve ever had!

PriceCharting’s most expensive game – Giga Wing 2 – $225

Sega Saturn

Enemy Zero – $98 complete
I first picked up my Saturn with a bundle of games, Enemy Zero included! Ever since then, the Saturn has been my most elite console to collect for, namely because games are very difficult to find, and they’re all so damn expensive! It’s my luxury collection, and one of my smallest but most humbling.

PriceCharting’s most expensive game – Panzer Dragoon Saga – $819

Neo Geo Pocket

Puyo Pop – $90 loose
Found a seller offering a small bundle of games and the console on Craigstlist, and I couldn’t pass it up. Similar to the Saturn, the Neo Geo Pocket (and Neo Geo Pocket Color) have been luxury collections for me due to scarcity and price. Still though, some fun games are exclusive to this little portable that make it worthwhile!

PriceCharting’s most expensive game – Magical Drop Pocket – $271

There are more consoles and libraries I can look in to, but these are the ones that I would consider my “Main Collection”. What are you most cherished or expensive games in your collection? Let me know. Moreso let me know when you want to get rid of them 😉


DownStab has been a personal endeavor of mine for many years. Please enjoy the content and let me know if you have questions, comments, or just want to connect. And as always, game on.

– Jason J

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