Top Ten Dream E3 2022 Predictions

At this point it should be a prediction on whether or not there will actually be an actual E3 year after year. With 2022 once again the electronics show has been cancelled, with no option for a digital event either. Instead, we’ll likely get some prerecorded videos, maybe a live online event or two, and some other news leaks to satiate our hunger for what is to come. That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate though on the games and news we’d love to see come out of this year’s “show”.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top ten dream E3 predictions for the year.

10. Nintendo’s Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will feature full Pokedex’s, every pokemon in game

Rather than relying on you to carry over all of your Pokemon from the original games, the newest entry in Nintendo’s long running series will finally allow players to catch every Pokemon entirely in one game. Yes that’s right, all 9 million plus Pokemon can be caught in these games. Oh, but not unless you own both games, you can’t have just one to fulfill that dream. Steamy professors aside, it still hurts.

9. Accolade announces a bubsy the cat collection

Taking a note from seemingly every other publisher imaginable, Accolade (remember them?) has come to a deal with publisher Namco Bandai to collect and port over all of the original Bubsy games to modern consoles. Not only does that mean you can play the remarkable Bubsy 3D on the PS5, but they’ve also added online functionality and trophy/achievement integration, giving you a variety of new ways to play these classic games! Here’s hoping a third reboot game is in the works!

8. Super Rare games And Limited Run games merge into super limited rare games, release even fewer copies of titles

Seeing a golden opportunity in front of them to milk gamers for all their money, companies Super Rare Games and Limited Run Games have opted to merge into one company. This new company dubbed Super Limited Rare Games does exactly what the prior companies did only better. That new indie release on Xbox Live? Of course there’s a physical release from SLR Games, but there are only 5 copies being made. I hope you get your pre-order in quickly, and maybe you’ll get in shipped to you this decade!

7. A sequel to bust a groove gets announced

Rhythm games on the PS1 hardware were rough: the blocky nature of visuals at the time, coupled with the input lag you might see in televisions, especially by today’s standards, made these types of games unintentionally difficult. However with this new Bust A Groove game, you can freely and easily enjoy each of the game’s 8 songs. There will be more tracks supported over time with additional paid DLC, but for those that pre-order the game a free skin pack will be granted, allowing you to view the game’s characters as their original PS1 models! Very very very very very very good!

6. Microsoft purchases Sega, then the next day Nintendo purchases Sega, and then the next day Sega purchases Sony somehow

Big name publishers throw around money like crazy, and this year was no exception! Not only did Microsoft flex in a huge way purchasing the Japanese company Sonic built for a cool $1 billion, but the very next day Nintendo did the exact same thing and purchased them for $1.5 billion. No one is really sure how that could even happen, however the truly bizarre occurred the very next day when Sega somehow purchased Sony of all things. The logistics of how that worked and how it will affect games and exclusivity is yet to be seen, but rest assured it’s not going to be good for those that just want to easily play their favorite video games.

5. Konami brings back the bloody roar franchise; is a pachinko game

Realizing there are so many other great franchises that can be turned into Pachinko games, Konami digs deep into the archives and resurrects the dead Bloody Roar series of fighting games. What better way to settle the score between anthropomorphic animals/human hybirds than by dropping tiny marbles into a machine and hoping the land in the best place? It’s fast and fun, but not like the fighting used to be. In a different, less cool way.

4. Atari announces the Atari Jaguar Mini Console

Get ready retro fans, this one is going to blow you away! Like the SNES Classic, PS1 Classic, and Sega Genesis Mini before it, the Atari Jaguar Classic retro console will be an all-in-one package with the best the ill-fated console had to offer. Massive controllers? Check. A couple dozen horrible games no one remembers? Check. The Atari Jaguar CD add-on? You bet that’s a check! Why pay hundreds, sometimes over $1000, to play this piece of history when you could drop just $120 to play the console everyone wishes they forget?

3. Capcom, Sega, others get into the nFT market

Not wanting to miss out on the bandwagon, big name publishing and developing companies like Sega, Capcom, and many more announce their intentions to support the NFT and Cryptocurrency markets. This includes Sega’s “SegaCoin” blockchain currency, Capcom’s auctioning of NFTs of famous characters from their franchises like Street Fighter and Ghouls N Ghosts of all things, as well as even more obscure things like Bethesda using NFTs in the upcoming Elder Scrolls VI game in order to generate rare and unique loot. Speculative markets already predict a huge margin for this move, while gamers just want to play and enjoy the game they purchased.

2. Nintendo Announced a spiritual sequel to super smash bros focusing on handheld properties only

Remember that idea in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS where there were some stages exclusive to the 3DS handheld that showcased 3DS only games? Well Nintendo is taking that to hear with the upcoming Pocket Bros. series. Pulling characters, weapons, stages, and elements from handheld only games like Golden Sun, The Legendary Starfy, Pokemon, and Pushmo and having them battle it out seems like a big winner. Exciting guest stars from non-Nintendo franchises are also making an appearance, but so far we’ve only been teased with the inclusion of what appears to be the Lumines blocks from Sony’s titular series? It’s wild, and I hope it’s every bit as fun as Smash!

1. The rumors were true: Power Stone 3 is officially coming

A leak a few months back seemingly spoiled a lot of major announcements for Capcom. New Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter games were all hinted at, as well as a little title called Power Stone. Rather than keeping the fans waiting for months to see if the rumors were true, a brand new launch trailer showcasing the third Power Stone game’s new visual art style, returning and brand new combatants, as well as super zany fighting antics. It’s all you could ever ask for in a Power Stone sequel, and I’m here for it.


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– Jason J

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