You remember Die Hard the movie, right? Well what about Die Hard Arcade?!

This year's E3 is an all-digital event yet again. It's a shame then we won't be able to see the audience's reaction to any one of these predictions.

The MK Movie attempts to take the complex history of the 20+ year old series to the big screen.

Welcome our Guest Host Jett, and let's learn about all things Twitch!!

What are your favorite types of video games? The one where you can play as a hugely powerful magic knight, or the one where you are literally just a bee?

6v6 will be a thing of the past after the release of Overwatch 2. Is this a buff, a nerf, or the end of the game?

You shouldn't have to get take out a loan to buy some PS1 games. But with the current state of retro game prices, that might be your best option.

Patrick and I dive deep into what makes a game a "Revival", the games we want to see brought back, and we even play a bit of trivia as well!

I have large collection goals, and small collection goals. Then I have those goals that are so specific no one else even knows about them.

There might have only been 20 polygons per character, but that was 20 polygons more than Street Fighter!

DownStab has been a personal endeavor of mine for many years. Please enjoy the content and let me know if you have questions, comments, or just want to connect, and as always, game on.

– Jason J

Original blue and red Nintendo Switch controllers

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