The Unexpected Joy of Muppets Party Cruise

The very last Muppets game before the take over from Disney just might be the best Muppets game I've played. It might also be the only Muppets game I've played, but still

A to Z Revisited: Jersey Devil

Nostalgia can be great for games you've played before. But for a first time playthrough some 20 years later... not always the case

Jackie Chan Stuntmaster: An Afterthought

This isn't even the first, nor is it the last, video game starring action film icon Jackie Chan. But is it the best of his games?

RPGaymer Podcast: Worst Games You’ve Ever Played

What makes a game bad? Why do we play bad games? How come Jason buys so many bad games? All this and more in the latest Podcast!

A to Z Revisited: Intelligent Qube

A creepy orchestral score when you're surrounded by darkness is bad enough, but murderous blocks are there too? Survival horror is knocking...

The Diablo IV Beta May Have Convinced Me…

... but I don't know if I really needed all that much convincing.

A to Z Revisited: Hot Shots Golf

Did you ever wish there were a game just like Mario Golf 64 but on the original Playstation? Yeah, me too...

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Original blue and red Nintendo Switch controllers
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