A World of Games: Qix

One of the all-time classic arcade games, and one of my earliest clone games I can remember playing

Revisting Legend of Mana

Squaresoft was (and maybe still is?) the king of RPGs. But how many of those PS1 games did you actually play? Because I skipped this one until very recently.

Catching up with The Legend of Zelda

I've been training my whole life for this next adventure...

A World of Games: Qbert’s Qubes

Someone somewhere thought Qbert wasn't hard enough, but then cranked up the difficulty to 11 and the video game market crashed...

RPGaymer Podcast: Leveling Up

Leveling up in video games is one of the main reasons I enjoy playing video games. *Also, I'm not actually on this episode, but support the team, you know?

King’s Field: An Afterthought

Slaying monsters by hitting them timidly with a dagger, then immediately backing off so they can't hit back has never been more fun!

A World of Games: Q*Bert

Hot Take: games were simpler in concept 30 years ago, and were just as fun as games nowadays.

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– Jason J

Original blue and red Nintendo Switch controllers
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