Top Ten Favorite PlayStation 4 Games

Top Ten Favorite PlayStation 4 Games

Now that the next generation of gaming is here, we can look back on the prior consoles and reflect on the best they had to offer. The PlayStation 4 was my console of choice for the eighth generation of gaming. And wow… looking back there were a ton of awesome games to play! RPGs, fighting games, shooters, indie games, visual novels… the list goes on and on.

I wanted to highlight my favorite games the PlayStation 4 had to offer. I’m not just looking at exclusives, but rather anything the console had to offer. And this list is specific to the games I actually played. Look out for another post soon with the ones I’m still excited to get around too!

Let’s take a look at my favorite games on the PlayStation 4!

10. Until Dawn

Until Dawn was unlike anything else, and in many ways still is. The mashup of horror movie cliché with video games just made so much sense. And, thankfully, in execution it delivered as well! This game was one of the earliest games I had to play when I first got the PlayStation 4, and it’s stuck with me ever since!

9. Rocket League

Literally the first game I downloaded thanks to PlayStation Plus has been, undoubtedly, the best game the service has offered. Rocket League is another mashup of genres, this time soccer and extremely fast cars. The team based multiplayer of this game is excellent, and my friends and I spent months playing and trying to perfect this game. We all failed in the end, but I loved every minute of it!

8. Slay the Spire

A relatively new game to me, I first played Slay the Spire’s card based dungeon crawling roguelike in mid-2019. It grabbed my interest instantly, and I found myself playing it for hours on end, night after night. Building the perfect deck, making it out of the tower, and then repeating with different classes was everything I didn’t know I wanted in a game!

7. Warhammer: Vermintide II

If I had to list some games that had a major impact on my gaming lifestyle, I would eventually mention Left 4 Dead. The multiplayer madness that game offered was unlike anything I had every experienced until that point. Nowadays, we have Vermintide and it’s sequel Vermindtide II. The medieval setting fits the same four-player co-op gameplay perfectly, and my friends and I are still loving what this game has to offer!

6. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Speaking of four person multiplayer, it doesn’t get much better than Blizzards incredible Diablo III. I originally played this on the PC when it first released back in 2012 (if you can believe that) and instantly though this game would be awesome on a console. Sure enough, the PS4 version came out and the game took off again. Couch co-op, online gameplay, grinding for better gear… everything lead to addictive gameplay that I couldn’t get enough of.

5. Rogue Legacy

I’ve talked about this game many times before, but I will always attribute this title for being the game that finally turned me on to indie games. The RPG roguelite was a way of life for a few months, making it’s way into nightly routines in our household. No other game on this lists exhibits the “Just one more try” concept as well as Rogue Legacy. Now, I’m super pumped for the sequel as well!

4. The Jackbox Party Packs

Gaming has always been a way to bring people together, and what could be better than four player co-op in front of the TV? How about up to 8 player co-op on one TV or even played online? All of the Jackbox Games offered something amazing, and they are still in rotation any time we are looking at a gaming group larger than four players. Playing on your phone is easy and accessible, and I am looking forward to playing these again with my friends!

3. God of War

Easily the best reviewed game on this list, God of War was leagues above other games I’ve played, PlayStation 4 or otherwise. The visuals were stunning. The story memorable. The gameplay deep. God of War is a complete package from start to finish that every PlayStation 4 player needs to experience. Period.

2. Overwatch

My game of the decade over on Boss Rush had to be on this list. Blizzards team based hero shooter has become one of my most played video games ever, and I am totally fine with that. Constant updates keep the game fresh. The social aspect of playing with friends is unparalleled. The drive to climb rank and increase my skill keeps me coming back for more. In short, Overwatch is among one of the best games I’ve ever played.

1. Fallout 4

Another early entry in the PS4’s life, Fallout 4 was a game that grew on me. At the time of playing, I thought it inferior to Fallout 3 and New Vegas. But then I just kept on playing it. And I bought the DLC and played that too. And eventually Fallout 76 came out and it made me appreciate what Bethesda did with Fallout 4 even more. While the game certainly has flaws, it is still the one game I will associate most with playing on my PlayStation 4. And I’m totally fine with that.

Those were my ten favorite PlayStation 4 games. I hesitated to even rank these games because so many of them fall into different categories to me it felt wrong to list one above or below another. Still though, any of these games can happily occupy my time now or in the future and I’d be cool with that.

What are your favorite games on the PlayStation 4? What games did I miss out on playing? Let me know, and game on!


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