A World of Games: Virtua Fighter

There might have only been 20 polygons per character, but that was 20 polygons more than Street Fighter!

A World of Games: Alien 3: The Gun

I've seen the Terminator arcade game, and now the Alien arcade game. But where is the Predator arcade game, huh?

TILT: Our Local Arcade that Started it All

Arcades were a magical place growing up. Let's take a look back at where it all started!

A World of Games: SegaSonic the Hedgehog

Mario started in the arcades and that kind of worked. Sonic jumping over to the arcade, not so much.

A World of Games: R-Type

One of the most well regarded shoot 'em ups started right here, and North America had Nintendo to thank!

A World of Games: Street Fighter

Sometimes it's best to leave some games lost to time.

A World of Games: Star Wars: Racer Arcade

I don't know why Episode I got so much flack. Sure, it wasn't as great as the original trilogy, but it did spawn a surprisingly fun racing series!

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Original blue and red Nintendo Switch controllers
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