What are your dream arcade sequels? Anything is possible

When a game's main bad guy is tempting me before I even put my quarter into the machine, you know I'm gonna defend my honor!

Though it has some impressive improvements for the SF2 series, I don't think too many folks still play this one...

There were no volleyballs found on the island

Sometimes RPGs go away and never come back. let's talk about those games today!

What can make this fighting game with the X-Men even better? Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Doctor Doom, and Thanos, to name a few

You know, my first reaction when I hear there's a meteor hurdling toward Earth isn't to get a new job, but maybe it should be...

Whether you're team open world, or team linear, we're all team video game. But which style of game is the right one for you?

A notably very different arcade game than the NES port, Capcom’s Bionic Commando is a fresh take on the arcade platforming genre. Armed with the iconic bionic arm, you and …

Looking back on older games with a modern eye can really shatter your dreams.

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Original blue and red Nintendo Switch controllers

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