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Sunday Roundup: 12/18/16

It’s been busy season over here, and as such I haven’t been able to get to this blog for almost two weeks! Thankfully during this time I’ve had plenty of opportunities to swing by some video game stores and take […]


Sunday Roundup: 11/27/16

This could very well be a first for Sunday Roundup: We’ve got not one, but two new consoles on this week’s update of games! And to make it even better, there are more than a dozen PS1 games I picked up […]


Sunday Roundup: 9/25/16

After a kinda good, kinda bad haul from the citywide garage sale last weekend, I was hoping to find better luck searching through some GameStop’s I don’t usually get to visit this week. While a few stores had some new […]


Sunday Roundup: 9/18/16

The City Wide garage sale was this weekend, and while I picked up a good haul of games, most of them were for reselling later (including a copy of Parasite Eve on PS1 for just $2!). There were, however, a couple […]


Sunday Roundup: 9/4/16

Far Cry Primal PS4 Release Date:  February 23rd, 2016 Purchased at: Target (Sunnyvale, CA – $18) While I wasn’t incredibly impressed with Far Cry 4, I still thought it an exciting experience, and one of the earliest on my PlayStation 4. […]


Sunday Roundup: 8/7/16

A few trips to GameStop were sadly uneventful, but a return to my friendly ol’ Sunnyvale store proved to be worthwhile yet again! I do find it weird that whenever there’s a “4 for $40” or “4 for $20” sale, […]


Sunday Roundup: 7/3/16

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Last Sunday was my birthday, and I had my parents visiting our house here in California! They hadn’t been here before, and I hadn’t seen them in almost two years, so it was […]


Sunday Roundup: 4/10/16

Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi 3DS Release Date: September 19th, 2013 Purchased at: GameStop (Sunnyvale, CA – $18) Releasing a few years back, Hakuoki is as random a JRPG one can get on the 3DS. I decided to pick up this […]


Sunday Roundup: 3/6/16

Mega Man Star Force: Leo DS Release Date: August 7th, 2007 Purchased at: GameStop (Sunnyvale, CA – $7) Another random stop into GameStop after work, another sweet find! I believe the last time I was at the store someone had […]


Sunday Roundup: 2/14/16

Way back in 2013 when I was just visiting California I decided to check out one of the local used game stores. While I found some games there and the owner had an impressive selection, I never decided to go […]